Is ‘Modern Family’ Star Sofia Vergara Pregnant With Fiancé Joe Manganiello’s Twins?

With all the rumors in the media these days surrounding alleged celebrity pregnancy rumors, it’s hard to know what or who to believe, and sometimes it gets a little confusing.

Last week, for example, rumors surfaced, mainly in the tabloid press, that Miley Cyrus was pregnant, the same speculation applied to Amal Clooney, not to mention Jennifer Aniston and others.

But conflicting reports recently that Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara is pregnant with fiancé Joe Manganiello’s Twins have left a lot of people wondering if the rumors are totally false, or perhaps a case of “no smoke without fire.”

For starters, Classicalite reported yesterday, “Sofia is already pregnant with Joe’s baby. It is even being reported that despite being treated with radiation when she had cancer in 2000, Vergara is expected to give birth to twins June 2015.”

On top of that, the publication reported that Sofia Vergara has even gone so far as to get Joe Manganiello a guest spot on Modern Family, proving she is clearly very loved-up with him.

Apparently, as per that report, casting Joe to appear as a guest on MF has publicity implications.

“Casting Joe would bring headline — and ratings. It’s a no brainer,” said a source.

Even though they only dated for a mere six months, it has been reported far and wide that Vergara accepted Joe Manganiello’s wedding proposal quickly, and the Latin Times claimed also that the rushed proposal and acceptance was due to the fact she was indeed pregnant.

According to them, Sofia broke the news to Joe during a private moment at his recent birthday party.

“We’re not sure how Vergara broke the news to her soon to be baby daddy, but it’s probably the biggest surprise he’s ever gotten on a birthday. The couple is expecting twins and Vergara is reportedly due next June. The sex of the babies is yet to be confirmed,” alleged that report.

On the other hand, Mstarz reported on January 7 that Sofia Vergara is not pregnant at all, and that she got engaged simply because she does love Joe. According to that report, “No – ‘Modern Family’ beauty Sofia Vergara is NOT pregnant! But now that the 32-year-old actress is officially engaged to ‘True Blood’ heartthrob Joe Manganiello, are the two already talking about starting a family together?”