Social Media Calls For Fans To #SaveTacoBell

In Downey, California, the world’s very first Taco Bell is facing the possibility of demolition.

Opened by Glen Bell in 1962, the building was eventually taken over by a different fast food restaurant, Seafood & Tacos. Since the latter restaurant closed in December, the building has remained vacant.

The old yellow building is boarded up, showing no signs of its dining history as the first in the Taco Bell kingdom. The Downey Conservancy is concerned about the health and safety of the former Taco Bell because of its vacancy.

“As there is no current plan for the building’s continued use, its status is considered to be endangered,” a spokesperson for the Conservancy told the Consumerist.

Both the Downey Conservancy and the Consumerist contacted Taco Bell’s corporate office looking for a response to the possible loss of the building.

A representative of Taco Bell stated, “This is a very special place in our history, and for the entire Taco Bell community. For passionate Taco Bell fans who want to share their support, we encourage them to use #savetacobell in social media.”

Taco Bell followed up the comment by posting to Twitter. They asked fans of their food to carry on the social outcry and #savetacobell.

Neither the hashtag nor the fan-started petition has really picked up much steam, but a couple of users offered suggestions on what Taco Bell could do with the building if it were saved. One user suggested turning the building into a museum, where old favorites and Taco Bell relics could be served or put on display.

Another user offered two different suggestions.

A place to test out new menu items might not be feasible for Taco Bell, because it would have a smaller number of test subjects to work with due to its static location, but a retro Taco Bell offers more possibilities.

The original Taco Bell menu was small, carrying a grand total of six items, without including drinks.

Many fans of Taco Bell are too young to remember anything from that very first menu. Items like the Bellbeefer and Pintos ‘n Cheese might offer a new taste to younger customers while drawing on the nostalgia of older fans.

Although Taco Bell doesn’t currently own the building in question, it’s possible that their attempt at a social media campaign is meant to indicate that they are willing to step in if enough people care.

[Image courtesy of Consumerist]

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