Taco Bell Giving Away Free Doritos Locos Tacos Throughout January

Taco Bell is looking to celebrate 2015 in a big way, and they’re doing it right from the start. For the entire month of January, you can get free Doritos Locos tacos thanks to fans downloading the company’s app a record 1.4 million times combined from iTunes and Google Play.

As WTSP reported, beginning on New Year’s Day, there will be free Doritos Locos tacos for the whole month of January from Taco Bell. There is the tiniest catch though, and you’re going to have to order more food using the Taco Bell mobile app.

Taco Bell’s mobile ordering app reached a staggering 1.4 million downloads since being introduced in late October, and the company wants to give something back to their customers.

For any purchases made through the mobile ordering and payment app during the month of January, you can get that free Doritos Locos taco. It’s an offer called #Onlyintheapp, and yes, it’s for the month of January, but you need to hurry.

There will be one free Doritos Locos taco given for every mobile purchase order, but only up to one million. The way some people order and eat Taco Bell, that may not last nearly as long as you would expect, even though Fox 8 says there are “31 days to chow down.”

Coming along with the offer will be a new Taco Bell television commercial that details ordering and paying through the app for “Millions of Combinations.”

If you still think you deserve a little bit more, Taco Bell is going to give it to you. Along with the Doritos Locos Tacos for free, there are still offerings of $1 Crunchwrap Sliders and and $1 Freezes available #Onlyintheapp.

It’s not shocking that they chose that particular product to give away for free. As of December 11, 2014, Taco Bell had sold more than one billion Doritos Locos Tacos. Sure, that may seem like a lot, but it makes you think twice about one million free tacos being available.

Grab them now.

Free tacos is a great way to celebrate the New Year, especially if you didn’t have someone to kiss at midnight.

The time is now to get your free Doritos Locos Tacos from Taco Bell, and to get used to the mobile ordering and payment app. Starbucks will be incorporating one soon, while McDonald’s plans on testing one this year as well.

[Image via Taco Bell]

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