Archaic Sculptures, Fossils On Mars: NASA’s Rover Makes Startling Find

Mars rover, Curiosity, has been hard at work exploring the red planet. The latest find is quite startling. According to a post by UFO Sightings Hotspot, Curiosity found evidence of what they describe as archaic fossils and sculptures in a stretch of terrain. The ancient alien figures and carvings fuel beliefs that life once existed on Mars.

The sharp images (SOL 735), unlike many in the past from this site and others, are sharp and of good quality. Stills from Curiosity’s front hazard avoidance cams (or front hazcams) were taken on August 31, 2014. Based on information sourced from UFOvni2012, there are a number of anomolies that one would not expect to find on a desolate planet devoid of life.

One of the images resembles an ancient carving of an animal, a sculpture of some kind. The features appear as if they were made by human or alien lifeforms, not the result of some trick on the eye or a rock formation.

Other items at the Mars site appear to be alien archaic carvings and shapes with unnatural angles, the type that could perhaps have been rendered with a sculptor’s tool. Moreover, another image shows what looks like a fossilized backbone with some vertebra still intact. Check out the video below.

Many say there is ample reason to believe Mars can support life, or did at some time in the past. In 2013, NASA made a landmark announcement about its mission: the rover found evidence of water from soil samples. It was not the flowing type, but scientists say the two percent represents an abundant amount to support future manned missions.

While some offered the obligatory quips on the unidentified planetary objects, one reader, Know Hope, offered their take on the so-called archaic Mars sculptures and fossils scattered about at the site.

“This is my opinion on this issue – There is a known psychological phenomenon (I don’t know exactly what it is called) where we tend to make out shapes from random formations (like making out shapes in clouds) yet the thing is the Mars rover is not roving over huge amounts of territory where in that case so many rocks would be photographed that one would expect every now and again to come across rocks that look like they have unnatural shapes. Bear in mind the rover is not roving over very rocky mountainous territory with a huge amount of rocks to photograph. It’s more desert terrain with rocks here and there.”

The purported archaic images of fossils and sculptures on Mars have not been confirmed by the space agency. Share your opinion on the video and images. Are they ancient carvings or represent more a play on the eye?

[Image via: JPL/NASA, NYPost]

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