San Diego Man, Armando Gabriel Perez, Gets Life For Killing Wife In College Bathroom

Armando Gabriel Perez, 41, of San Diego, California got life for killing wife, 19-year-old Diana Gonzalez, in the men’s restroom at San Diego City College. According to KPBS, Perez was sentenced to life at a San Diego prison without the possibility of parole on Friday.

Initially, Perez – who acted as his own attorney during his trial – pleaded guilty to premeditated first degree murder in November, 2014, but later requested to remove the plea and enter a not guilty by temporary insanity plea, but judge Charles Rogers denied his request.

During his trial, Perez appeared remorseful.

“I’ve asked myself, how could I have caused you so much pain,” said Perez. “No matter what happens, I’m willing to pay (for Diana’s death). I just want to make sure that you heal.”

But nothing Perez could say or do that would heal the hearts of his wife’s family.

“We will never forgive you,” Concepcion Carranza responded, Perez’s former mother-in-law. Carranza also referred to Perez as an “ill-bred bastard” and a “bad man” who was “good for nothing.”

Perez – who was a married man with children at the time – met Gonzalez in 2009, and began dating her while she was a minor; soon after, she became pregnant with their daughter and the two were married. Once the couple moved in together, Perez became abusive. He even kidnapped and choked his teen wife in September, 2010, and held her hostage for three days, U-T San Diego reports.

After the kidnapping incident, Gonzalez filed a restraining order against her husband. Not pleased with his wife’s gesture, he became irate and began stalking the 19-year-old, which ultimately led to snatching her from the parking lot of San Diego City College and brutally murdering her in the bathroom.

Gonzalez’s body was found October 12, 2010, in the men’s restroom at San Diego City College with multiple stab wounds to her neck and abdomen area, including an obscene word carved into her back, according to the prosecutor.

Just before the murder took place, Deputy District Attorney Teresa Santana stated that Perez had told his friends that he was going to kill his wife.

After Gonzalez was found slain, Armando Gabriel Perez fled to Mexico where he was later apprehended in February, 2012, just 16 months after killing his wife, by Tijuana Metropolitan police. He was brought back to San Diego where he is now serving a life sentence for killing wife, Diana Gonzalez.

[Image via NBC News]

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