Prince Andrew Sex Slave Scandal: Harvard Law Professor Says Allegations Are ‘Provably Untrue’

Fortunately for Prince Andrew, the sex scandal which is currently surrounding him could all go away soon, especially if Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz has his way.

Dershowitz has also been accused of sexual misconduct by Virginia Roberts, the girl who claims Prince Andrew used her as a sex slave, a claim he vehemently denies and says is “provably untrue.”

The professor spoke today about the allegations against him, claiming they are “totally made up,” and vowing to “fight back” on behalf of himself and Prince Andrew.

Seeing as Andrew is limited by royal protocol of defending himself from the serious allegations against him, Alan Dershowitz said that any success he has in refuting Roberts’ claims, will also benefit the other accused men.

For her part, Roberts claims that she had sex with Prince Andrew in New York, London, and the U.S. Virgin Islands while she was used as a “sex slave” by him and his friend, Jeffrey Epstein.

Dershowitz wrote in the Times, refuting each allegation against him, offering a specific alibi for each alleged incident. For example, he wrote that the woman claims they had sex on Epstein’s Caribbean Island and at his New Mexico ranch, but Dershowitz said he had only ever been there briefly with his wife and daughter.

Just last week, Dershowitz reportedly filed defamation suits in both London and the U.S. based on the lawyers’ public statements about the case, and he urged Prince Andrew to do the same, calling all the allegations a “deliberate lie.”

Dershowitz also challenged Roberts to file formal rape charges against him, as if she were to file a false rape charge, she would be committing a crime.

While Prince Andrew has come under fire for his friendship with convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, there is no proof, other than Virginia Roberts’ word, that the Prince had any untoward relations with her, claims that are yet to be verified.

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