Kate Middleton’s Security Team Armed With Tasers And Guns Due To Increased ISIS Threat

Kate Middleton, like anyone in the royal family, enjoys the privilege of having personal bodyguards when out and about in public, for obvious reasons.

But the latest reports have confirmed that Kate’s security team has beefed up its equipment in light of the increased security situation in Europe, following the recent terror incidents in France.

As well as now carrying state-of-the-art tasers and pistols, Kate Middleton’s Scotland Yard bodyguards are reacting to the potential threat on the Duchess, at the hands of Muslim extremists, like ISIS, by also increasing their numbers.

Being that the UK’s current terror scare level is severe, according to some commentators, it was high time that the Duchess saw more security around her as she could be considered a prime target by extremists.

The Royalty and Diplomatic Protection Squad, which is responsible for keeping Kate Middleton safe in public, beefed up security for royals when, back in the London riots of 2010, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall’s car was attacked by an angry mob.

Stun guns were first introduced in a very limited way to police forces in the UK in 2003, with guidelines stipulating that the weapon could only be used when officers faced violence or a threat of violence so severe that they would need to use force to protect themselves.

At the same time, the use of tasers by police has been condemned by some human rights groups which argue that the devices cause intolerable suffering and even death.

But as police and intelligence forces in Europe face the new threat of Islamic terror on the streets of Paris, Amsterdam, and London, they have their work cut out for them when it comes to protecting key royal figures like Kate Middleton.

She, like the other royals, will be hoping that the Royalty and Diplomatic Protection Squad have the right security steps in place to deal with an ISIS attack, should it occur.

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