Punk Cover Of 'Blank Space' Debuts On Billboard Hot Rock Chart At #9

Kristine Croto

2014 was Taylor Swift's year. With back to back hits "Shake It Off" and "Blank Space," the artist broke records and made history. The songs drew in many fans with their catchy, singable hooks, but for those fans who like the message but don't want to be caught dead listening to TSwift in public, the punk cover of "Blank Space" by band I Prevail is for them.

The video was released on YouTube, where it now has more than 2.5 million views and 35,000 likes, on the first of December. According to Billboard, the song topped out their Billboard + Twitter Emerging Artists Chart on January 9, and debuts at #9 on the Hard Rock Songs chart this week.

With I Prevail's EP, Heart Vs Mind, hitting Top Rock Albums at #9, and Billboard 200 at #88, the band took to Facebook to express their gratitude to their fans.

"Today we charted on 24 different Billboard charts including the Billboard Hot 100 and Billboard Top 200. Words can not explain how grateful we are to have such an incredible fan base this quickly into our careers. Thank you for the continued support, we can't wait to start playing for you!"

Response from social media has been positive, with most listeners enjoying the fresh sound from the post-hardcore band.

— The Vegan Moto Girl (@veganmotogirl) January 17, 2015

— j0rd darko (@j_MeAtSix) January 17, 2015

— ashton follow ivonne (@punkirvvin) January 17, 2015

Billboard does note that the cover of "Blank Space" is not part of the Heart Vs Mind EP, though both are available for sale.

— PatrickFromAdvanced (@PHDrill) January 17, 2015

— asslie. (@ashwiekennedy) January 17, 2015

— lorene (@LoreneGarnier) January 17, 2015

— MetalInsider.net (@metalinsider) January 17, 2015

What's your favorite "Blank Space" -- the original, the I Prevail cover, or something else entirely?

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