Niall Horan Sexted With This Male Pop Star

Niall Horan has been accused of sexting with another male pop star.

During an interview with Capital FM, “Can’t Say No” singer Conor Maynard talked about his friendship with Niall Horan and the other members of One Direction. Conor was asked if he’s still close to the boy band, and he responded by revealing a silly exchange he recently had with Horan.

“I actually had a bit of texting thing with Niall very recently,” Conor revealed backstage at the BRIT Awards 2014 nominations. “He sent me a text saying hey it’s Niall this is my new number.”

“So I text back saying, ‘How do I know it’s you? What did you whisper to me the first time we ever made love?’ and I can’t say what he wrote back. It was very PG! I suppose I was [sexting]. I never thought of it that way.”

At least Conor Maynard didn’t write a dirty comment on Niall Horan’s Instagram page for the whole world to read.

If Conor had to choose a favorite member of One Direction, he’d probably choose Niall. According to the Mirror, Maynard attended Horan’s 21st birthday bash last September, and the pals partied together until the wee hours of the morning. Conor seems to be pretty impressed by Niall Horan’s ability to hold his liquor during a long night of debauchery.

“I think Niall could out-drink every single one of us put together. It’s the Irish. It’s in their genes,” he once told the Mirror, according to Sugarscape. “At V Festival, Niall was drunk singing my songs to me. I love him.”

The above photo features the guys together at the 2012 V Festival.

According to Conor, things didn’t go very well for him when he tried to keep up with Niall during one of their wild nights together.

“There was one time I got so drunk I was throwing up and collapsed in someone’s garden,” he confessed.

If he saw a statue of Barack Obama sitting there, Directioners know whose garden he was in.

Maynard is currently working on new music, so perhaps he should ask his old pal to collaborate with him on a few tunes. Many of Niall Horan’s One Direction band mates are looking for side projects to get involved in, so it might be a good idea for Horan to follow suit just in case this ends up being the group’s last year together.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Zayn Malik recently teamed up with Naughty Boy in the studio, and Harry Styles might start acting in movies. The Daily Mail is also reporting that Louis Tomlinson wants to follow in Simon Cowell’s footsteps by getting into music management. One Direction’s contract is up at the end of the year, so there’s been some speculation that their upcoming album might be their last.

If One Direction does break up at the end of the year, do you think Niall Horan and Conor Maynard should consider forming their own singing duo?

[Image credit” Conor Maynard/Instagram]

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