Jenelle Evans’ Apology: ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Sorry For Wishing Death On A Veteran

A Jenelle Evans’ apology has reportedly happened after the Teen Mom 2 star shockingly wished death upon a veteran.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, a shocking video hit the web earlier this week, in which Evans was heard yelling at her fiancé’s older brother, Noah, a veteran who had traveled to St. Thomas with the Teen Mom 2 couple.

Below are a few of Evans’ comments:

“I hope [sic] you would have died in combat.”

“I hope you f***ing die.”

“I heard your best friend got killed in the war.”

After the video surfaced, Evans took to Twitter, where she revealed there were “two sides to every story.” Unfortunately, the Jenelle Evans apology wasn’t enough for fans, and they continued to bash her online.

In response to the shocking video, several YouTube users slammed the Teen Mom 2 star for her shocking commentary.

“Obviously some comments were made to Jenelle that made her angry but there is no justification for wishing death upon someone. People that die in combat are fighting for her and her family and for Jenelle to say that is unbelievable.”

“What a complete sick, twisted, dumb, psychopathic hypocrite.”

“The girl has 13 mugshots and no custody of Jace. She’s a criminal and a drug addict and slams people who serve our country. She even joked about his friend dying in combat but she’s a good mother?? Lol.”

While the video continues to drum up negative backlash for Evans, the Teen Mom 2 star has reportedly issued a second apology.

“Jenelle told Nathan’s brother she was sorry and shouldn’t have said those things,” a friend of Evans told Radar Online on January 16. “Nathan’s brother has also said sorry to Jenelle.”

Although Jenelle Evans’ apology was not revealed, the reality star is reportedly hoping the buzz surrounding the clip will die down.

“She is just trying to move forward and wait for the hate on social media to end.”

In an interview with Radar Online on January 15, a friend of Evans explained what led up to her death comments to the veteran.

“They charged all of their drinks to Jenelle’s card. It was a $500.00 tab. And Jenlle paid for the engagement dinner they all went out to. It was $600.00 and no one gave her or her fiancé money towards it. Jenelle and Nathan also paid for all the taxi rides during the trip. Jenelle asked the hotel if they could put a stop on her card. They said they couldn’t, because if you had a hotel room key, you could charge whatever you want.”

Since MTV was filming the trip, Jenelle Evans’ apology may be seen on Teen Mom 2 season six.

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