Jenelle Evans: Shocking Video Allegedly Of ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Hits The Web

Jenelle Evans recently spent a romantic vacation with her now fiancé, Nathan Griffith, in St. Thomas. While there, Nathan popped the question and MTV cameras captured everything for the new season of Teen Mom 2. However, it was another camera that captured something else that Jenelle said that now has fans very upset.

This isn’t the first time that Jenelle’s vacation has been accused of being filled with drama. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, others who were also on the trip complained about the drama. Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith were accused of fighting the entire time as well. Of course, Jenelle has been doing her best to defend herself over the accusations, but now there are new accusations.

On Thursday afternoon, a video that allegedly shows Jenelle Evans saying that she wished Nathan’s older brother would have “died in combat.” Jenelle is not seen in the video, but a voice allegedly belonging to her can be heard saying the words. The video contains graphic and upsetting language.

After the video was released, Jenelle Evans responded to it on Twitter.

She also explained that she had already apologized to those on the trip.

Of course, many fans are wondering what could have been said to Jenelle Evans that would provoke her to say what she did. The video starts just before Jenelle utters the words, so it is unknown what was said to Jenelle. She has yet to reveal what was said to her either.

Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith will be back on Teen Mom 2 later this year, and their engagement will be seen on the show. Radar Online spoke to a source who claimed that the reality show star was in negotiations to have her wedding filmed for the show.

“Her chaotic life has always been on TV so there is no reason now that she’s getting married again for it not to be on MTV. But she’s getting smarter and she knows how to negotiate better so she wants MTV to pay for the wedding.”

It isn’t uncommon for MTV to show weddings on their reality television shows, but there are rumors that Jenelle may actually get her own wedding special, entirely separate from Teen Mom 2. There have also been rumors that, since the engagement, Jenelle and Nathan decided to call it quits, but that too is only a rumor.

Jenelle Evans has yet to tell her side of the story regarding the leaked video.

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