Jenelle Evans Engagement Trip Drama: Friend Claims Nathan Asked For Oral Sex

Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans has been sharing pictures of her vacation on Instagram over the past couple of days and it appears that she has been relaxing and bonding with her boyfriend, Nathan Griffith. In fact, while on the trip, he decided to propose to Evans and the two got engaged. Jenelle didn’t share too many details, as it is possible that MTV will share this proposal as part of Teen Mom.

And while Jenelle Evans was having a great time with her partner, it appears that one of her friends did not. It is uncertain what happened last night, but this morning, Evans’ friend decided to share some pretty intimate details about the trip. This friend, who goes by the name of Candy3Pat on Instagram, revealed that the trip had been awful and that Evans had been fighting with her boyfriend the entire time.

According to a new tweets, Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans is waking up this morning to shocking accusations involving her future husband. Her friend was not happy with Nathan’s supposed behavior on the trip. Screenshots of her comments were quickly shared on Twitter.

“This trip has been awful. Worst trip of my life…Jenelle and Nathan have fought the whole time on a level to which I’ve never seen before in my life… they have got into fights with all of us over them bring rude and stupid,” reads the message, hinting that Jenelle actually got violent and kicked something belonging to Nathan.

“MTV paid for our dinner and we said we would pay for it, but Nathan kept saying he would pay for it… which he’s the one who picked out the most expensive restaurant here,” the friend writes adding that Nathan had asked for oral sex in return, adding, “And when we got to (the) taxi, he said hey since I paid for dinner how about everyone suck my d**k.”

But her rant doesn’t stop there. She continued to slam both Jenelle Evans and Nathan over their engagement, calling everything fake. She also promised that she would continue to speak out about the trip, and that more details would surface.

“Just wait because I have so much stuff to say about the proposal and the trip. FAKE ASS everything,” the friend adds.

A few years ago, Jenelle Evans would have gotten aggressive on Twitter. But it sounds like she doesn’t really care too much about her friend sharing these stories.

“Idk why she is. We have been sleeping and haven’t even spoken to any of them last night or today,” Evans simply revealed on Twitter this morning after learning of the news.

According to the Inquisitr, there have been reports that MTV may have paid for the engagement ring. Apparently, Jenelle would love for the proposal to be featured on an upcoming episode of Teen Mom. As for her friend, it sounds like this friendship is over.

Are you surprised that another friend would turn on Jenelle Evans? Who do you believe in this case?

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