Chris Brown Wants To Marry Karrueche Tran Before March

Chelsea Hoffman

Chris Brown is in the center of some fresh legal trouble after a judge revoked his probation. Now his freedom is on the line, because in March the judge may decide to throw him in prison. The Belfast Telegraph reports that the Loyal R&B singer wants to marry his girlfriend as soon as possible. In fact, he wants to get married before his next court hearing in March. This gossip doesn't come as much of a surprise considering the two have reportedly been in couples counseling together in hopes of improving their relationship.

The latest rumors about Brown and Tran are arguable, however. Fashion & Style reports that the two are not going to be getting married before his court date in March. The blog sources Gossip Cop, claiming that the two have had too many recent spats to be able to commit to marriage this soon. The report also claims that a source close to the couple has all the inside information. That alleged source supposedly said that their relationship isn't changing one way or the other regarding this recent legal snafu.

So two different lines of gossip are circulating about Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran. Meanwhile, it's not even known if the singer will face jail time for his seemingly innocent probation violation. Also, neither he or his girlfriend have addressed any of these latest rumors -- most likely because both of them are too busy dealing with the upcoming court date that will decide on whether or not Chris remains free.

The probation terms that he violated stem from the 2008 incident between Rihanna and himself. He brutally assaulted the singer, leaving her face battered and bruised -- almost unrecognizable. He has been on probation ever since, and has even violated it a handful of times. This latest violation was the result of the San Jose nightclub shooting, however, which caused him to flee from the area. It's hard to tell whether or not the judge will show him any compassion come March, but the rumors about his legal drama and relationship troubles will continue to take center stage.

Do you think Chris Brown and Karrueche Tran will end up married this year, or will there be more time for the two of them to fall apart all over again? If things crash and burn between he and Tran, he may not be able to run back to Rihanna again, since she is reportedly dating Leonardo DiCaprio.

[Photo credit: Fashion & Style]