August 27, 2020
Addison Rae, Kourtney Kardashian Take To The Water In Sizzling Double Bikini Snapshot

Kourtney Kardashian and TikTok star Addison Rae continued to share the screen in the latter's most recent update in Instagram. The post on Thursday, August 27, included two sexy snapshots of the influencers sporting skimpy bikinis as they were partially immersed in a pool amid a picturesque forest backdrop. It was just the latest in a series of joint pics to appear on their respective feeds.

Their latest collaboration was uploaded for Addison's 26.2 million followers to enjoy, and may have provided the best view yet of each woman's incredible curves and tempting cleavage in tandem.

The comments to the two-pic slideshow indicated that fans are firmly on-board with the seemingly unlikely pairing of the 41-year-old Kourtney and the 19-year-old Addison.

"This duo is the PERFECTION," exclaimed one fan.

"Bestie goals," stated another user.

"Two beautiful women," appraised a third commenter.

"Don't be shy," said a fourth fan, who wanted to see additional photos. "Take some more."

In both photos, Addison and Kourtney were shown lying on their sides with their bodies partially submerged in a shallow pool. Their poses proved particularly effective in accentuating the sharp curves created by their hips and waists, while their similarly scant bikini tops further made for a sensuous showing of cleavage.

A sprawling wooded area and a large mountain were visible behind them, however it was their own natural peaks and valleys that managed to own the frame.

Kourtney was wearing a stringy, beige bikini in the shot which only just covered the NSFW areas of her ample bosom. The garment was crocheted, which allowed for an additional showing of her olive-hued skin beyond what had been left uncovered. One of the thin straps of her bottom piece visibly clung to her waist just above her famously shapely hips.

As for Addison, the social media maven wore a contrasting dark two-piece swimsuit, which may have also been crocheted. Although her body appeared decidedly less curvaceous than that of her counterpart, its more sinuous segments were pleasingly emphasized by the ensemble.

In the first picture of the series, both women were smiling for the camera, with Addison appearing to be the more jovial of the two in the moment. That was followed by a shot where the two women held the same poses, while their expressions had morphed to sensual smolders.

The latest collaboration between the top-earning TikTok personality and the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star proved to be another success, having inspired almost 2 million double-taps in just over an hour after appearing on the former's feed. Moreover, more than 13,000 replies were left in the post's comment thread.

As shared by The Inquisitr, the two social media icons also shared a steamy bikini snap which found them sitting poolside.