Benjamin Netanyahu Tells French Jews After ‘Charlie Hebdo’ Rallies: ‘Israel Is Your Home’

Over the past six months, France — specifically Paris — has suffered an onslaught of crimes in which the intention may be of an antisemitic nature. The Inquisitr reported on two such crimes — an assault on a Jewish boy and a vandalism attempt against a kosher restaurant — happening back-to-back within less than a day. France’s government understood those two crimes are just the symptoms of a bigger problem which they tried to combat through the promotion of Jewish awareness. They did this through a campaign that provided the “cure for antisemitism.” That, however, did not matter anymore after the massacre at Charlie Hebdo.

Now more than ever, Jews in France are in danger. Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of Israel, however, has provided a solution for them to escape the antisemitism by telling them that “Israel is their home.”

According to Times of Israel and followed up by the Independent, Benjamin Netanyahu gave the aforementioned statement on Saturday, January 10th, right after three days of Islamic terror that left seventeen people dead, five being Jews. The first Islamic attack was on Wednesday against Charlie Hebdo. During the massacre, cartoonist Georges Wolinski was gunned down. Two days later, four more Jews were killed in a Jewish supermarket.

The full statement that Benjamin Netanyahu made was announced on television. He utilized Jewish prayer to transition the fact that Jews outside of Israel need to come back to the country promised to them.

“To all the Jews of France, all the Jews of Europe, I would like to say that Israel is not just the place in whose direction you pray, the state of Israel is your home.”

Yoni Chetboun
Yoni Chetboun believes there will be a sudden influx of French Jews immigrating to Israel.

Other Israeli leaders agreed with Benjamin Netanyahu’s call to French Jews to come back home to Israel. As a matter of fact, Deputy Knesset speaker Yoni Chetboun called on the government to declare France an “emergency target” for immigration to Israel. Chetboun stated that in light of the recent events in France, thousands of French Jews are expected to go to the Jewish Agency and inquire about aliyah (immigration of Jews to Israel).

“Israel is currently not ready to absorb masses of French Jews. In the present intolerable security situation, it’s Israel’s responsibility to make available all possible means to enable the aliyah of French Jews.”

Benjamin Netanyahu understands this situation and has ordered a ministerial committee to convene this week to discuss ways to encourage immigration of French Jews to Israel. They also want to find ways to get Jews from other European countries to immigrate, too, because they too face antisemitism. Belgium and Sweden, for example, suffered antisemitic attacks.

In conclusion, Benjamin Netanyahu, as well as other Jewish state leaders, have made it clear there is only one place where Jews will truly be safe and that is their one and only true home, Israel.

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