Charlie Hebdo, Free Speech, And When The PC Mafia Turns Into PC Terrorism

It is times like these that many of us, myself included, find ourselves at a precipice. We are at the edge of something we loathe versus an offense that we cannot allow to go unchallenged. No matter how egregious the object or person receiving the offense is.

There are some of us before today that had never heard of Charlie Hebdo, and according to the Daily Mail, one Charlie Hebdo writer does not care much for our support. Given the circumstances, it is understandable.

We often take free speech for granted. Without an American or French Revolution, or terrorist attack, we allow others to put restrictions on it. It then becomes an endangered or rare commodity. We either clamor to stand up for it, or chose to clamp down on its very head ever more restrictively.

Free speech should not carry a religious or political party attached to it like a bumper sticker. Big Ds love the “War on Drugs,” and the Big Rs love the “War on Your Bedroom.” They both love to tell you what rights you have and what rights you do not, when they have no business assigning your rights.

I have defended those of a similar political ideology or personal faith. I have also managed to defend Miley Cyrus, whom I loathe, because being grotesquely provocative (that’s a PC term I made up) is not racist. I am not per se a fan of models, but found myself defending Kate Upton, because a beautiful, non-anorexic model is not fat.

I think in an age where speech codes are constricting the throat of free speech more and more, it behooves us to stand up. No matter what the cartoons were, murdering and slaughtering people because you are offended is NEVER okay. That goes for people laying claims to grotesque acts in the name of my God as well. However abhorrent, everyone has a natural right to say and believe as they wish. That is the essence of free speech. Offensive speech. If the worst of us is protected, than naturally the best or rest of us are easily enveloped in that protection.

There is almost an industry dedicated to insulting, degrading, and offending Christianity. I still respect their rights. Sadly, figures of religious significance to some, love to tell you when free speech is okay. According to Russia Today, the pope is that person.

“One cannot provoke, one cannot insult other people’s faith, one cannot make fun of faith.”

He went on to say if someone used a swear word against his mother, he would punch him. It is impossible to properly express shaking one’s head, but I assure you I am. Then again, according to the Talking Points Memo, Bill Maher called all religions “stupid” and “dangerous.”

I love Family Guy, but when its free speech offended me, I had the freedom to change the channel. No grandstanding, murder, or call for the cancellation of the show. Two of those things would have been within my rights. However, just because I have a right to be offended, does not mean I should always exercise it. Those who make a living satirizing and doing comedy, like Charlie Hebdo, are there to eventually offend someone.

It does not mean that the offensive person is a saint. However, in an age where we practically need an authority’s permission to wipe our own backside, I applaud people such as those who satirized Islam. The most protected targets are the biggest score. It’s their business. That’s it. Thank you. Good day. Be sure to tip your waitress.


There was a free speech unity rally in Paris, according to the Inquisitr. It turned into a “who’s who” of free speech suppressors, I mean world leaders, who chose to join an otherwise beautiful free speech march. Granted, anyone in the nameless crowd who just saw a big crowd going down the street might have joined in like the little Philadelphia children in Rocky, but still.

Many on the right fell into another trap because Barack Obama wasn’t there. The more I thought about it, wouldn’t that add to the buffet of hypocrisy? The same man who felt it was just fine to jail Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, (remember that guy?) who made the innocence of Muslims with the same main character as Charlie Hebdo? A man who has pretty much the worst record on press freedom that he has earned the title of most secretive administration? Probably not a good idea.

The PC, or Politically Correct, Mafia should never be tolerated. However, when they become the PC Terrorist, that means the problem was tolerated too long.

On Wednesday, Charlie Hebdo put free speech back on the shelf, like any other Wednesday. The brass spine on those writers should be envied. In America, we should also envy and weep for what we once had. Nay. We should be ashamed of what we are.

[Images Via Flickr/Charlie Hebdo/EstTroptard]

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