November 18, 2016
Duggar Family's Front Yard Photobombed By Kissing Lesbian Couple

It's a well-known fact that the Duggar family weren't at all pleased to have pictures of same-sex couples kissing on their official and very popular Facebook page at the back end of last year, and they were promptly removed.

In the latest report from Radar Online, published today, just last week Texas couple Tandra Barnfield and Samantha Muzny were visiting a cousin in Tontitown, Arkansas.

During the trip they decided to stop by the Duggar family home to snap a quick pic of them kissing on the lips, directly in front of the anti-Lesbian and Gay rights activists' home. They stood in the front yard with the residence in the background.

They posted the picture to their Instagram account, and it has already received a number of likes and shares.

Tandra, who has three children with her partner Samantha, told Radar the following.

"My cousin lives just a few doors down from the Duggars. When we saw the house, it just lit a fire underneath us. I said, 'Let's go make out!' My sister took the photo."
Even though Tandra only took the pic as a bit of fun, possibly with a more serious statement behind it, she did mention that she resents the Duggars for fighting against her right to marry her partner.
"I want to get married to my girlfriend. And the Duggars are fighting my right to do so. It upsets me. If you won't let me get married, I'm going to make out with my girlfriend in front of you."
Despite that understandable bit of resentment, Tandra also told the publication that she has nothing personal against the Duggars, as such.
"We love the Duggars, we watch their show all the time. I also have morals and love God. They sit there and say they love everybody too, but then they fight against my rights."
For their part, Tandra and Samantha hope to get married some time soon. As Tandra said, quoted below.
"When I look into her eyes, I know she is my forever. I would marry her tomorrow if I could. We hope Texas changes their laws soon."
As and when the right time comes for them to finally get married, if ever they are permitted to legally, they shouldn't expect the Duggars to show, as that is definitely something that is not going to happen.