Matt LeBlanc Told Princes Harry And William To ‘F*** Off’ At Polo Match

Matt LeBlanc revealed on Tuesday night that he told Prince William and Prince Harry to “f*** off” when he met them at a polo match.

The Episodes actor made the revelation during his appearance on TBS’ Conan. The former Friends actor explained that the incident took place in England after he met them at a polo match. LeBlanc spends three months of his year across the Atlantic shooting Episodes.

The 47-year-old was clearly excited to meet the royal pair as he confirmed that he waited in a long line just to see them. But when he got face to face with Prince Harry and Prince William they only had one question for the actor, which incensed him.

I’ll let Matt LeBlanc take up the reigns of the tale from here. Watch the clip below to hear how he responded. Be warned, it features LeBlanc using a naughty word, which is luckily bleeped out.

So apparently the Royals are huge fans of Friends. LeBlanc noted that after being constantly quizzed by the pair over when Phoebe, Joey, Rachel, Ross, Chandler and Monica will reunite, he simply told them to, “f*** off.”

However it’s quite clear that Matt LeBlanc wasn’t being serious when he said that he’d told them to “f*** off.” Le Blanc probably tried to quell their desire to know when new Friends adventures will finally be released with less explicit language.

In fact it’s impossible to imagine the amicable actor actually using those words to Prince William and Prince Harry. Surely if he did say that to the two of them he would have instantly been taken to the Tower Of London, decapitated and then had his head placed on a spike.

However, it sounds as though Prince Harry and Matt LeBlanc have no ill will towards each other. That’s because LeBlanc later explained that he he’s also shared a few drinks with the renowned party-goer during his time in the country.

“I was at a bar one time [with Prince Harry],” LeBlanc explained. “He’s a lot fun.”

Then LeBlanc turned and told Conan O’Brien, who, like Prince Harry, has red hair, “you redheaded guys are a blast.”

It’s safe to say that Harry, who in the past has been pictured in the nude in a Las Vegas hotel room and who previously dressed up as a Nazi for a party, gets up to much more debauched antics than O’Brien.

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