Court Order: Dr. Conrad Murray Must Forfeit Medical License

Dr. Conrad Murray is serving a four-year jail term in the death of pop legend Michael Jackson and now he has been formally asked to turn over his medical license.

The formal request was filed with the courts on December 29 and comes about after Murray was convicted of felony for his part in Michael Jackson’s death.

The request was made by the California medical board after Murray was convicted of manslaughter in November, a felony charge that is not allow when practicing medicine.

Murray’s lack of control over propofol combined with sedatives had long been reason enough for the medical board to suspend his practice, leading many experts to believe it was only a matter of time before he lost his license, regardless of the trials outcome.

Dr. Conrad Murray must surrender the certificates by the end of the month.

At a later date the California Medical Board will move to revoke the doctors license.

Do you think Dr. Murray deserves to lose his medical license over the Michael Jackson scandal, even though many of his other patients have voiced their support for his practices?

This is one of the cases where we will likely never know exactly what happened to Michael Jackson, it’s just sad that more than one life was ruined that day because of an addiction to insomnia reducing drugs.

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