Patricia Driscoll An Assassin? NASCAR Driver’s Ex-Girlfriend Is A Military Contractor, Not A CIA Operative

Patricia Driscoll is a trained assassin who has traveled the world killing people as a mercenary, according to NASCAR driver Kurt Busch. But his ex-girlfriend denies these allegations, claiming he is using a move script about a female CIA operative to defend himself in court.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, court documents state that Patricia Driscoll was with Kurt Busch on September 26, 2014 when he started to “call her names, ” accusing her of having spies everywhere and having a camera on the bus to watch him. The situation quickly escalated from there and it’s claimed that Busch became so abusive that he wished he had a gun so he could kill himself. The argument then allegedly turned into an assault, where Busch jumped up, grabbed her face, and smashed her head three times against the wall next to the bed.

Kurt Busch’s lawyer, Rusty Hardin, has denied Patricia Driscoll’s allegations, claiming they are “a complete fabrication by a woman who has refused to accept the end of a relationship.” The defense lawyer now even says Driscoll is an assassin, and that Busch’s ex-girlfriend once showed him pictures of victims of her assassinations. As an example of one these assassination missions, it’s claimed Driscoll left for the day while wearing camouflage attire. When she returned, she removed a trench coat that was covering an evening gown splattered with blood.

It’s not just Kurt Busch and his lawyers that are making these outlandish claims. Michael Doncheff was the personal assistant to the couple during this time period and he claims she once complained about feeling unwell because she had been slammed to the ground by a large man while on mission near Mexico. Doncheff claims Patricia Driscoll told him that she was an assassin trained by the U.S. government who was capable of taking down foreign government.

So where do all these allegations stem from according to Patricia Driscoll? She does admit she owns several weapons and is trained in using them as part of her military supply business, Frontline Defense Systems. She also is CEO of the Armed Forces Foundation.

The video below shows the day job for Driscoll and even clips of her weapon proficiency. She even admits that “there’s a lot of sensitive things I work on, most of them you will never see.”

But that’s hardly evidence she is a trained killer. Instead, Driscoll says Busch pulls his allegations “straight from a fictional movie script” she has been working on for eight years and that he read.

“Over the past 7 years I have worked on a movie script with producers about a female CIA operative and her work on classified missions for the U.S…. The script was bought by a couple different production companies. Over the years, many people have heard the many variations the script has taken each time it was purchased by another studio. Mr. Busch has seen and given commentary to me on the latest script because some of the stories he told on the stand are straight from the script.”

Patricia Driscoll is requesting that Kurt Busch undergo a psychiatric evaluation in order to deal with alcoholism and depression. She says she fears for Busch’s mental state since “[h]e clearly believes fiction is reality and that’s all the more reason he needs help.” According to Sporting News, Busch denies that he has mental health issues, saying, “Everybody on the outside can tell me I’m crazy, but I lived on the inside and saw it firsthand.”

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