Zara Larsson: Pop Star Shows Men That No Condom’s ‘Too Big To Fail’

For all the big ballers, shot-callers, and headstrong blokes out there who brag on their manhood, Zara Larsson has one thing to say: “No condom is too big to fail,” citing a report from the Daily Star.

The Uncover and Rooftop pop sensation, who rose to fame in 2008 for winning Talang Sverige, the Swedish version of America’s Got Talent, took to her Instagram last week with a provocative photo that spoke volumes. Larsson posted a picture of her leg that appeared as if she had a sheer stocking on. However, one only had to read the caption to realize that it was a condom — and one that is normally found in stores and pharmacy locations.

“To all the guys saying ‘my d*** is too big for condoms’ TAKE A SEAT”

The image of a condom on Zara’s leg came across as tongue-in-cheek. After all, no living, breathing human being can possibly lay claim to having genitalia that requires a male prophylactic that large to accommodate it, unless its Photoshopped, right?

Instead, the larger message is about personal responsibility among sexual partners, open conversation, and inherent rights a person has about their own body. Larsson is only 17, but arguably, she has jettisoned herself into the role of a de facto feminist on issues pertaining to safe-sex. However, Zara said her intention was not to make entry to the activism space. The conversation that was piqued by the Instagram post was merely a set of unintended circumstances, as she explains on her personal blog.

Zara Larsson taking a selfie with friends

“I did it as a fun thing only. Then I see how newspapers write about what feminist genius I am!… What becomes problematic here is that I’m really not a feminist genius… I, personally, do not consider myself to be some kind of Holy Mary of feminism… I am fully aware that there are many, many girls who are better than me at this… and who receive little attention.”

“Summary: There are an incredible number of young girls who would deserve attention for their feminist ideas and texts instead of moi.”

While Zara’s condom demonstration unveiled an unintentional PSA geared toward promoting safer practices during sexual intercourse, another unrelated about the mockery of a man ended in violence. According to a recent Inquisitr report, a woman was stabbed by her husband who erupted in rage when she made a quip about his penis while he was cutting cucumber during dinner preparation. Hopefully, men take this story in stride and see the bigger picture — no pun intended.

Share your thoughts below about Zara Larsson’s condom amazing demonstration. Did she hit the mark, or was she way off base with the contraceptive quip?

[Image via: WebshopCaraCollection, Instagram]

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