Ganpat Vaz: Wife Stabbed For Cooking Cucumber Quip About Husband’s Manhood

An Indian man is behind bars for a bizarre case of domestic violence. Police in Surat said Ganpat Vaz stabbed his wife while cooking a meal. An investigation into the stabbing revealed that the woman’s husband became enraged when his spouse teased him and compared a food item to a part of his anatomy, citing a report from Daily Mail.

The incident took place at the couple’s home in Western India while the man prepared a plate of fried vegetables. However, the situation turned violent when the wife poked fun at her husband’s culinary abilities. When she compared a cucumber Ganpat Vaz was chopping to his manhood, he stabbed his wife in with a five-inch kitchen knife.

Suman, 38, was left alone and in shock at the house after the stabbing when Vaz fled the residence. The injured woman walked to her neighbor’s home for help. Kadri Ravikiran, 35, explained the shock of seeing the woman with a knife embedded in her body.

“I heard a knocking on my front door and when I answered I couldn’t believe my eyes. Suman was standing there with a knife sticking out of the top of her arm. At first I thought it was some sort of joke. But she was very pale and clearly in shock and when she told me what I had happened I immediately phoned an ambulance.”

With the neighbor’s help, the woman was rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment. A spokesperson at the facility explained the woman’s condition to the media upon her arrival. Although Ganpat Vaz stabbed his wife with a rather long blade, the video shows the woman’s relative calm while being treated at the hospital.

“Fortunately, the knife didn’t damage any vital tendons or arteries and she sensibly did not try and remove the knife herself. She is now recovering nicely.”

Suman appeared stunned by the fact that Ganpat Vaz stabbed her over a joke while cooking. She managed to share with media her thoughts on the man’s behavior.

“I can’t believe he did this. He’s never been violent before and we often joke about how useless he is in the kitchen. I just can’t understand what made him flip over such a harmless remark.”

Inquisitr reported on another strange case that took place last year in Chicago. Then, a wife was stabbed in the head with a knife by her husband after she requested a divorce and refused to have sex with him “one last time.”

Ganpat Vaz was tracked down after stabbing his wife and arrested for the assault. Although he apologized for the incident, police say he could face up to two years behind bars on the charges.

[Image via: Daily Mail]

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