Joe Giudice May Not Be Permitted To Visit Teresa In Prison Due To His Conviction

As the Giudice family adjusts to its new reality, with Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice having just commenced a 15-month prison term, questions have been raised about whether her husband, Joe Giudice, will even be allowed to visit her.

The speculation started, according to a report in People magazine today, when Joe failed to show up last weekend to visit Teresa during her first week of incarceration.

A source told the publication that, officially speaking, people with criminal records aren’t technically allowed to pay prison visits.

“Visitors with criminal records are usually not allowed to visit inmates. The warden will probably make an exception because he’s her husband, and they are raising children together.”

As such, it’s unclear at this time why Joe Giudice didn’t visit his wife during her first week in jail, although according to the source, this type of scenario happens often.

“It happens all the time. A spouse who is also a convicted felon is normally cleared. He’ll most likely be allowed to visit.”

The source, who seems to know an awful lot about the prison visiting system, also revealed to the publication that the fact Joe didn’t visit Teresa during her first week is no big deal.

“It’s unusual to have them visit the first weekend. It’s not an automatic process. It can take up to two weeks for immediate family members to get approved – especially since the warden is so busy with the men’s prison there, which he also runs.”

In terms of other friends and family who might want to visit Teresa Giudice in prison, they need to be approved and have their backgrounds checked.

“Teresa has to give them a list of people she wants to come see her. They do a background check on them.”

Despite the serious lack of visitors during Teresa’s first week in prison she is in good spirits, according to emails she sent, claiming she was “doing great.”

It now remains to be seen whether or not the warden will allow Joe Giudice visiting rights to his wife ahead of his own 41-month jail sentence, which is due to start soon after Teresa is released.