Teresa Giudice’s Prison Emails Revealed: What Is The ‘RHONJ’ Star Saying Behind Bars?

Teresa Giudice’s prison emails have reportedly been released. After the Real Housewives of New Jersey star began serving her 15-month sentence, a source claims to have information regarding what she’s been saying behind bars.

“Teresa has been emailing her parents, Joe, and only a select number of close friends,” a source told Radar Online on January 13, adding the reality star has been asking about “the media coverage of her surrender to the prison.”

Although Giudice’s prison emails may request information about what’s going on in the press, the source claims Giudice’s family and friends have no intentions of letting her know about any negative things being said.

“Teresa wants to know what the reports have been saying, but Joe has told Teresa’s friends to not say anything negative that could upset her. Remaining upbeat and positive is of the utmost importance. Otherwise, Teresa will only bring it up during the time on the phone with Joe.”

Unfortunately for curious fans, Teresa Giudice’s prison emails were not released in their entirety, so no additional details were given.

As the Inquisitr reported earlier, one of the negatives things being said about Giudice involves the star’s alleged prescription drug use.

On January 14, Radar Online claimed the mother of four had been using “several [pills] a day” of Xanax and Valium, which she obtained after receiving prescriptions from three different medical professionals.

“Teresa would get things through her friend whose husband is a doctor and two other doctors.”

The source also claimed Giudice was taking human growth hormones by injections to be “like a body builder.”

“If you look at her appearance in the past year, you can really tell she’s gotten much more broad. That’s not from working out. You can bulk up from working out, but not like that. Her face…her nose broadens.”

“It’s going to be a [major] detox. I warned her about that. It’s going to be hell. It’s a cold withdrawal. You just detox. It’s a really brutal withdrawal. She’ll get sick. She will get diarrhea. She’ll have actual DTs [delirium tremens, also known as “the shakes”].”

In a report by Us Weekly on January 14, a source claimed Giudice is the talk of the prison.

“All anyone is talking about is that woman — even the staff. The vultures who want to be her bestie were all over her.”

Teresa Giudice’s prison emails will likely continue, as they are her main source of communication with the outside world.

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