Teresa Giudice Reportedly Having A Hard Time Detoxing From Prescription Meds Behind Bars

It may come as no surprise that Teresa Giudice is on a bunch of prescription medications in order to help her cope with her life, and more specifically, the prospect of her new life behind bars.

According to a report from Radar Online today, the now incarcerated Real Housewives of New Jersey star has a prescription drug problem, and now that she’s started her prison sentence at Danbury’s Federal Correctional Institute she is going through some major withdrawals.

A source allegedly close to the Giudice family told the publication that Teresa has been using Xanax and Valium regularly for around five years, and claimed that she was on “several pills a day,” adding, “Teresa would get things through her friend whose husband is a doctor and two other doctors.”

Apparently though, according to the report, Xanax and Valium aren’t the only drugs Teresa Giudice was on prior to entering jail. The source alleges that she was also taking some kind of growth hormones in order to be more, “like a body builder.”

As the source revealed, “If you look at her appearance in the past year, you can really tell she’s gotten much more broad. That’s not from working out. You can bulk up from working out, but not like that. Her face…her nose broadens.”

Obviously coming off drugs, whatever type they might be, is not easy for anyone, and people usually try to taper off whatever they are addicted to slowly and gradually.

But for Teresa, that isn’t really an option in prison as she is forced to go cold turkey without any recourse,

“It’s going to be a [major] detox,” the source said, adding, “I warned her about that. It’s going to be hell. It’s a cold withdrawal. You just detox. It’s a really brutal withdrawal. She’ll get sick. She will get diarrhea. She’ll have actual DTs [delirium tremens, also known as “the shakes”],” the source said.

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