Jenelle Evans Vacation Photo: ‘Teen Mom’ Post-Baby Body Pic Sparks Beauty, Parenting Debate

They say “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” but readers and viewers of a news post about Jenelle Evans’ post-baby vacation bikini photo on Instagram sparked some rather interesting chatter on the internet. The Teen Mom star now finds herself in the midst of a debate over parenting and body image, citing a Us Magazine celebrity news report.

Jenelle has rapidly become one of many reality TV stars that you either love, pity, or grow frustrated with. In the end, it’s what makes her one of the most followed Teen Mom stars. Evans, who also starred in MTV’s 16 and Pregnant, is under fire — again. No surprise there, right? This time, the magazine that ran her teeny bikini pictures is also being criticized for touting her vacation photo as glam.

Jenelle Evans vacation photo
Jenelle Evans vacation photo in St. Thomas

Jenelle Evans and Nathan Griffith, her longtime beau, have been enjoying fun in the sun as part of an early 2015 trip to St. Thomas. Like any couple on vacation, Jenelle and Nathan have been hard at work navigating the island. For over a week they’ve been enjoying the beach, taking in the surf and doing much of what tourists do on a tropical getaway.

Over the weekend, which marked day-9 of her odyssey, Jenelle posted two pics: one inside with her husband-to-be, the other outside donning a two-piece bikini that showed off her tats and post-baby weight. In yet another, she posted a photo of her lounging on the beach with a view of the ocean. Some refer to the snap above as Jenelle’s bikini bridge shot.

Jenelle gave birth to her second child, Kaiser, in June of last year. It’s the first with her current boyfriend. Evans’ first child is another son, Jace, 5, whom she birthed while dating Andrew Lewis. Due to a number of custody and legal problems, the children were put into the care of Jenelle’s mom, Barbara Evans.

Readers of Us‘ post struck out at the Teen Mom star on a number of fronts: being away from her children, especially her newborn, for an extended period of time (she gave birth six months ago), and her appearance in the vacation bikini photo.

“I’m not thinking she looks so hot, really strangely shaped.” — anony5

“The headline should read: Deadbeat mom looks like crap in multiple bikinis.Also, did she get dreadlocks…” — Rodizy

“Eh. I always try to root for Jenelle but after reading and seeing stuff like this, it’s consistently hard.” — Kelly

“Am I wrong or does leaving a six month old for two weeks sound a little selfish I feel bad when I leave my…” — Guest

Other readers blasted the tabloid for glamorizing Jenelle Evans’ vacation photo shares.

“What the…US Magazine are you blind? She looks like crap! And she’s high AF!! If you really want…” — Alexis Marija

“She doesn’t look good. Why does US always try to glorify these girls?” — Nicole

It seems that no matter what she does, Jenelle Evans is bound to have a legion of haters. But to her credit, she’s a mother with two children. As such, it’s not unusual for a woman’s body to change during pregnancy and after giving birth. The other issues about her character and portrayal on the show are other matters for debate — which will not likely arrive at any consensus. Nonetheless, it appears that good, bad or indifferent, JE is comfortable in her own skin.

Share your thoughts below. Is the tabloid glamorizing Jenelle Evans’ vacation photos or merely reporting the news?

[Image via: Instagram, UPI, OK!]