‘Bachelor’ 2015 Spoilers: Another Contestant Returns, Begs Chris Soules For Second Chance

The women of ABC’s The Bachelor 2015 season are all fighting hard to score roses from Chris Soules, and sometimes that means returning after an elimination. Viewers already saw that happen with Kimberly in the Season 19 premiere, and now Reality Steve’s spoilers are dishing out details on a time it happens again a bit later in the season. What’s the scoop on these Bachelor spoilers?

In a pre-season interview with People, Chris Soules teased a Bachelor spoiler that one gal he sent home returned during a group date cocktail party in a later episode. Chris says that she had driven seven hours to see him and he felt badly for her. He gave Kimberly a second chance after eliminating her in the first rose ceremony, so does he give this gal a second chance as well? Which lady came back to fight for a second chance?

According to Reality Steve’s spoilers, the gal Chris is talking about is Jordan, the bachelorette who was extremely intoxicated during Episode 2 that aired on January 12. Jordan was sent home without a rose, but it sounds as if she makes another appearance a bit later this season.

Steve’s Bachelor spoilers indicate that Jordan, who lives in Colorado, contacted producers after her elimination and asked if she could come back. They gave her the opportunity to meet up with them in New Mexico, which will be Episode 5 of this 2015 season.

It seems that Jordan drove seven hours on her own and did indeed crash a group date cocktail party. Does Soules give her another chance?

Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers indicate that Chris initially does decide to give her a shot at sticking around, but the other ladies freak out. This could be what some of the tears and drama in the extended previews are about, though fans will have to stay tuned to find out for certain.

Once the other bachelorettes lose their minds over Jordan sticking around, Soules decides to send Jordan packing once again. Chances are pretty good that this drama will be a core component of the Episode 5 show, which should be airing on February 2.

From the looks of the other Bachelor spoilers available via Reality Steve and the Bach and Bachette Fan Forum, that New Mexico episode will be jam-packed with chaos and drama. It seems that this is the episode that also has the camping date where Kaitlyn Bristowe seemingly sneaks into Chris Soules’ tent and stirs up some trouble.

It would seem that ABC and the producers pulled together quite the dramatic group of bachelorettes for Soules this season and there’s plenty of chaos ahead. Tune in to ABC’s The Bachelor 2015 season with Chris Soules and the remaining ladies every Monday night to see if he finds the right gal to become his future wife.

[Image via ABC/Craig Sjodin]

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