‘The Bachelor’ 2015 Spoilers: Does Chris Soules Sleep With A Contestant On A Group Date?

ABC’s The Bachelor 2015 season with Chris Soules is going to have some wild moments, if the previews are to be believed. People are buzzing about what lies ahead, and Reality Steve’s spoilers have dished out quite a few details. Many viewers are wondering about the footage that makes it seem Soules may sleep with one bachelorette during an early tent rendezvous, but Steve’s newest Bachelor spoilers reveal a bit of what supposedly really happens.

A preview for the overall season teases that one bachelorette sneaks away and orchestrates some alone time with Chris Soules in his tent, seemingly during a group date. The Bachelor spoiler preview makes it look as if Chris and this mysterious gal get intimate, and the other ladies later find out. The preview also makes it seem as if Chris is confronted by multiple gals, and others are crying and ready to leave.

What really happens in this situation? Not all of the details are known quite yet, and fans can bet that ABC will make the most of this secret hook-up. Will this play out much like that infamous Ben Flajnik incident with Courtney Robertson in the ocean during their Bachelor season? Fans hope that Soules doesn’t go that route, but the preview certainly gives the impression that this is essentially what happens.

Though some of the information remains under wraps, Reality Steve’s spoilers do indicate that the bachelorette involved in the tent situation is none other than Kaitlyn Bristowe. However, despite the insinuations of the preview, Steve says that Chris and Kaitlyn do not sleep together in the tent.

It does look as if the other girls discover that something untoward happened, and that Chris knows he’s going to take heat for it. However, it’s unclear at this point how much of that is creative editing and how much is legitimate drama.

When does this all play out? Reality Steve’s spoilers haven’t dished out details on that yet, and neither has the network. Based on the Season 19 Bachelor spoilers at the Bach and Bachette Fan Forum, it would seem likely this all takes place during Episode 5 with the dates done in New Mexico. It seems that there is a camping group date that week, and it looks like Kaitlyn is on that date along with Whitney, Mackenzie, and some others.

Kaitlyn made a strong impression during the Season 19 premiere, and she definitely caught Chris’ eye. Reality Steve’s spoilers indicate that she is also the gal seen in the Bachelor spoiler preview taking off her bikini bottoms and jumping into a lake, and she is the one who says something about chewing glass and washing it down with a bag of hair. In other words, viewers should expect to see a lot of Kaitlyn in dramatic moments this season.

Just what does happen between Chris and Kaitlyn in that tent, and how does it impact the rest of the season? Fans will have to wait a bit yet to find out, but viewers can bet that how things really play out are likely not at all how they seem in these early previews. Tune in to Chris Soules’ journey as ABC’s The Bachelor 2015 star Monday nights to see just what happens next.

[Image via Craig Sjodin/ABC]

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