Son Records His Father Dancing, Impressive Dance Moves Go Viral

Have you ever caught your father dancing and decided to record him doing so?

Perhaps you just wanted to have a good laugh or maybe even have evidence to prove a point later.

There are many viral videos online that feature a father dancing for one reason or another.

Some are cute, such as the videos of daddy-daughter dances. Others are hilariously embarrassing, which is probably one of the main reasons why they went viral in the first place.

However, this video is in a category of its own – the father dancing in this video is actually very good at what he does!

The son clearly wanted to shine a spotlight on his dad by capturing his father dancing on camera and posting it online.

The song playing in the background is the 1990 hit song by singer Johnny Gill, “Rub You The Right Way.” The father dancing in this video clearly must have memorized the choreography from the nearly 25-year-old music video, because many of the moves that he shows off in this video were performed in it.

On World Star Hip Hop, the video has already been seen over 420,000 times and shared over 6,400 times.

Watching the video of this father dancing might make you rethink how you look at the way your own father dances.

What do you think?

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