Sarah Ferguson Talks 55-Pound Weight Loss, Prince Andrew's Underage Sex Claims, Addiction [Video]

Joanne Eglash

Being a member of the British royal family isn't as wonderful as you'd think, says candid Duchess Sarah Ferguson. The ex-wife of Prince Andrew describes her luxury life as one of misery, from the constant scrutiny by the press and public to the demands of the royal life. And beyond that, Sarah now is ready to confess, she had a secret addiction, reported Closer Weekly.

"My addiction was food. I used it to suppress my feelings and therefore every time I went through something—a salacious lie the media might tell about me—I ate to compensate."
"I got to a point where I just couldn't bare looking at myself any minute longer. I was 190 pounds a year ago and I was miserable. You look at the top of the mountain, you think you're never going to get there."

"Had I not just chosen food as my friend, I would have chosen something else. I mean a lot of people turn to shopping, alcohol, smoking, any other addiction," added the Duchess.

Reflecting on her own royal experiences, she said that she hopes Kate Middleton can learn from them, as she discusses below.

"I will have not one word said about him on any level, any level," the Duchess declared to Matt Lauer.

She and Prince Andrew were divorced in 1996 and have two adult daughters. However, the Duchess and Prince have stayed close as friends.

The original claims about the Prince stem from a federal lawsuit. An American woman claims that he forced her to have sex, with the entire situation concocted by his friend Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted sex offender and New York financier.

She was much more comfortable to put the focus on her food addiction battles and weight loss success, directing Lauer to the topic.

"Fergie fit at 55," boasted the Duchess in a reference to her nickname.

But it's been a long battle, added Sarah. She now feels that it was only when she gained weight in her derriere that she decided the pounds had to come off.

"I've been a comfort eater since I was 12 years old and I used food as my friend. [But at 190 pounds] I couldn't bear looking at myself any minute longer. In fact, the size of my a** probably saved my life. Sorry, to speak like that, but let's be honest."
"I love coffee ice cream, and we go to friends' houses and I can't resist even the bread. I am a food addict. Tell you the truth. I am literally a food addict. I cannot stay away from foods that I love, which are bad for me — you know, like carbs that are bad."