Arrested Teen Helps Save The Life Of Police Officer And It Was Caught On Tape [Video]

One teen went from being booked into jail to a hero in just seconds. A Florida teenager is being called a hero after he helped save the life of the police officer who had arrested him.

Fox 23 reports that Jamal Rutledge was being booked after his arrest when the police officer processing him, Franklin Foulks, collapsed. The officer fell to the floor and began reaching at his chest. Instead of allowing the police officer to lay there suffering from an apparent heart attack, Jamal decided to push aside any hard feelings of being arrested and instead called for help.

Jamal can be seen first looking out the booking window attempting to get someone’s attention in the hall. When that didn’t work, the teenager went to the security fence and began kicking it. He yelled into the hallway for officers to help and attempted to explain the situation through the gate. When officers came into the secure area to help the suffering officer, Jamal simply steps to the side and allows officers to work.

The Fort Lauderdale Police Department uploaded the full two and a half hour video to their YouTube account, with details about the event.

“On September 10, 2014, Fort Lauderdale Police Officer Franklin Foulks was processing a juvenile defendant at the Fort Lauderdale Police Department Booking Facility when he suddenly collapsed. That defendant, Jamal Rutledge, immediately began to kick the security fence and yell to alert officers in the area.”

Officers were able to cut Franklin Foulks’ vest from his body and perform CPR. They also had to use a defibrillator to help stimulate the officer’s heart.

The incident happened back in September 2014, but the teen’s actions are being called heroic as they saved Foulks’ life. Now the Fort Lauderdale Police Department are honoring the teen who helped them save one of their own.

Jamal Rutledge
Photo of Jamal Rutledge as he was honored by the Fort Lauderdale Police Department.

This isn’t the only teen to help save a police officer’s life — a Philadelphia teenager saved a cop from a burning car after a crash.

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