Larry David Lynch Tumblr Is The Greatest/Weirdest Internet Phenomenon Yet

Larry David and David Lynch are arguably the most adored television writer and film director, respectively, of the last 35 years. They also share the name David. One ingenious blogger has now decided to merge their work together to celebrate their shared moniker.

Larry David Lynch is probably the greatest/weirdest tumblr account you will come across all year long. Its variety of posts mix together scenes from David Lynch’s vast array of films with lines of dialogue from Larry David’s Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm television shows.

Since making his debut with 1977’s Eraserhead, David Lynch has directed the likes of The Elephant Man, Blue Velvet, television’s Twin Peaks, The Straight Story, Mullholland Drive, and Inland Empire. Each of his films are hugely divisive, but those who embrace David Lynch’s unique cinematic style truly adore him.

Because of how delightfully polarizing David Lynch’s work is, and how different it is to Larry David’s small-screen output, you’d imagine that Larry David Lynch would be a horrid mishmash of images and dialogue. But it strangely works. You can check out a selection of posts from the Tumblr below.


— Darrin (@drainagemage) January 13, 2015

Whoever runs this ‘Larry David Lynch’ tumblr is a brilliant genius

— Dave Kennedy (@ancientdirtbag) January 14, 2015

There is just something oddly hypnotic and addictive about Larry David Lynch. Currently, nothing is known about the individual who runs the website. It appears as though he or she even started the page in the middle of December, but it wasn’t until the start of January that it truly went viral.

Movie nerds, television aficionados, and bona-fide hipsters from across the globe have been fawning over its variety of pieces since then, though. And it’s easy to see why. Fingers crossed that its new-found fame won’t see the webpage now come to a crashing halt. Because Larry David Lynch is the sort of thing that makes the internet so sublime.

[Image via Tech Times]