Cheating Note: See How One Man Ousted His Wife After Learning Of Her Affair With Her Personal Trainer [Photo]

This may note be the first cheating note to hit the Internet, but it’s definitely a shocker!

One man recently discovered that his wife’s daily trips to the gym weren’t just for the purposes of health and fitness. Apparently, she had much more going on than cardio and weightlifting.

The man’s wife, whose name is presumably Lisette, was also reportedly having an affair with her personal trainer, Chris. Then, to make matters worse, her husband learned that the affair had been going on for quite some time during their marriage. Evidently, the affair has been going on for years.

Needless to say, he was devastated by her infidelity, but his shock quickly turned into anger. So, he decided to get even. Instead of suppressing his feelings, he decided to oust her and share her dirty little secret with the world! However, his cheating note is more like a flyer.

According to Post Grad Problems, the devastated husband wrote a jaw-dropping cheating note with details about the affair. For more of an embarrassing effect, he even included her full name and the name of the personal trainer. However, he didn’t exactly refer to his wife by her name throughout the note.

Instead, he used a much more derogatory term. Then, to make matters worse, the husband not only blasted his wife for her actions, but he made sure readers and gym patrons knew exactly who she was.

He also included the type of car she drives, and offered his cell phone number for those who had questions about his shocking public service announcement! Then, he plastered copies of the note on every locker inside the gym and on every car in the parking lot. A guy who reportedly found the letter on his car decided to share the cheating note online.

Here’s what the husband had to say:

“My wife [REDACTED] the W—- in the Black Porsche Panamera, has been a client for over 6 years of [trainer’s name REDACTED], who has been providing SEXUAL and EMOTIONAL AFFAIR to my wife the W—-. 5 days a week at 5:00am.”

“If you want your wife to have an affair, send her to his GYM and he will have sex with her. I am happy to get rid of this W—-, who opened her legs to this primate. He convinced her to LIE about the affair to her husband and continues having sex with him.”

“[Husband’s name REDACTED], the lucky husband who got rid of a W—- WIFE.”

“If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me”

“305-XXX-XXXX Cellular”

Then, to make matters worse, he didn’t stop with the cheating note. He also ousted the gym and reportedly left a jaw-dropping review for the gym via Google.

Here’s the screenshot of the Google review.

Do you think the guy’s cheating note was extreme or did his wife deserve to be embarrassed? Share your thoughts.

[Image via Post Grad Problems]

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