Cat’s Revenge Video Viral: See What One Cat Does When He Gets Tired Of Being Annoyed! [Video]

One guy apparently thought it would be fun to annoy his cat. However, the cat obviously didn’t appreciate being constantly aggravated, and so the cat decided to teach the annoying guy a lesson. Now, the cat’s shocking, yet comical response has gone viral!

The quick 90-second video starts off with the guy sitting in a chair wearing a big blue oven mitten. Apparently, the cat doesn’t like his actions or the big mitten because every time he touches the cat’s head and face, he whines and tries to move. Although the video starts off relatively slow, things definitely pick up when the cat leaps and attacks the guy. However, the guy doesn’t stop there. As the cat sits in his lap, he continues to be annoying. Then, things escalate once the cat is back on it’s feet.

Now, it’s time for revenge! When the guy throws the mitten on the floor, the cat totally disregards it and goes for it’s intended target – him! The cat dashes across the room and attacks the guy, who ends up storming out of the house just to get away from the now seemingly vicious cat! Although he’s laughing the entire time, it’s probably safe to say he was a bit alarmed by the cat’s response!

The video, which was uploaded to World Star Hip Hop on January 10, has received more than one million views. Surprisingly it also has more than 7,000 comments. A vast majority of the viewers agree that the guy definitely got what he deserved for constantly aggravating the cat. However, there were some who think the cat overreacted.

“all he did was pet it with a mitten.”

“He’s clearly f—ing with the cat and laughing over it, for him it seems like a way to play with a cat that doesn’t want to be played with. When cats react like that, it’s because they’re aggravated as h— at or scared of whatever’s near them and they’re warning to get it away from them or they’re gonna attack it. The way the cat attacks is with a defensive, killing intent, not because it wants to be playful, which is why it proceeded to go attack the moron once he ran off.”

“Idiot deserved it. Dude must’ve forgot animals aren’t stupid and know how to choose their target when they’re constantly F—ed with by the same one.”

“You can do it with cats too, just not with things they’re scared of. If he did it bare handed, the cat wouldn’t really care. The mitten? A majority of cats naturally hate s–t like mittens, gloves, and stuffed animals. Some of these cats are still wild animals and don’t have fully domesticated genes.”

Do you think the guy deserved what he got? Or did the cat overreact? Share your thoughts.

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