Anthony Gulledge Cheesecake: Man Assaults Boy, 3, Over Last Dessert Portion

Neighbors in a Memphis community are still trying to make sense out of what led a man to beat a 3-year-old boy in such a vicious manner over a dessert. Sunday, Anthony Gulledge was arrested for the beating of a child who ate the last portion of cheesecake. He faces a number of felony charges on child abuse. Additionally, the boy’s mom, Katrina Johnson, was arrested for standing by while her baby was severely assaulted, according to a WREG news update.

Police in Germantown say Gulledge, the woman’s boyfriend of 10 years, came home Saturday and went to the refrigerator to fetch a slice of cheesecake, to no avail. Johnson said the man snapped after learning her son ate the last piece of the pie.

Allegedly, Anthony Gulledge went to the 3-year-old’s bedroom, dragged him across the floor by his ankles and proceeded to beat the child with a belt. Later, Johnson said he commenced beating her son again with the same belt. The next day, she phoned police to report the abuse inflicted on the child, who was first taken to a local hospital before being transferred to Children’s Hospital for specialized treatment.

Doctors said the child sustained horrific injuries: broken femur bone in his leg, bruised lung, dislocated vertebrae and other trauma from the brutal assault on the boy. As of this writing, according to TimesFreePress, the child’s condition at the treatment center is listed as critical.

In an unrelated case of child abuse reported previously by Inquisitr, a man jumped up and down repeatedly on the chest of a 2-year-old boy until he lost consciousness. The child was rushed to a hospital in Kansas City over the weekend, but died the next day.

In a twist to the case in Tennessee, police arrested Johnson after gathering enough probable cause to believe she stood by and did nothing while the man beat her child over the piece of cheesecake. Investigators say she did not call authorities until the next day after the beating. It’s unclear why she didn’t call for help or obtain medical care for the boy sooner.

Records show that Gulledge has a history of domestic violence. Back in June, he was arrested for allegedly beating Johnson, who tried to defend her 3-year-old son from the man for “picking” on the child. At the time, the woman was 6-months pregnant when she was assaulted. Then, in October, the man was arrested for beating the woman and biting her lip.

For allegedly beating the child over the missing cheesecake, Anthony Gulledge was booked and held on a $210,000 bond. Johnson is charged with aggravated child abuse for her alleged role in the incident. Her bond is at $75,000.

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