Naya Rivera Says ‘Ethnic People Shower Less Than Whites,’ Twitter Reacts

Naya Rivera had a MAJOR “TMI” moment during her guest appearance on The View.

The Glee star appeared on the show Tuesday, acting as a co-host. She tweeted a few hours ago that she was “excited” to be back on the show.

Perhaps she won’t be so excited when she realizes that something she said could have just landed her in hot water with a sizeable portion of the internet!

During her spell as co-host, Naya Rivera chose to share that she tends to shower once every three or so days. Some were a bit put off by the revelation, but Naya attempted to assure them through the use of a bizarre stereotype.

The guest co-hostess claimed that it wasn’t just her…it was an “ethnic” thing.

You read that correctly: Naya Rivera, instead of speaking for herself and only herself, made a critical on-air faux pas by attempting to attribute cleanliness to one’s race.

Not TOO surprisingly, Twitter immediately became abuzz with outrage toward Naya Rivera and her claim.

Some asked why Naya Rivera would use a public forum like The View to disparage people of color, as Rivera is herself multi-racial.

I’m still not over Naya Rivera’s renk batty self saying that “ethnic” people don’t shower daily because SHE showers every 3 days, girl what?

— JenBradyHathReturned (@LovesModChic) January 13, 2015

I’ma tell you now, Naya Rivera is incorrect. She is wrong. Ethnic folk do not shower less than White people.

— Tina Turnt-Her (@_Veise) January 13, 2015

Others were worried that people were jumping to conclusions about what Rivera meant and that she shouldn’t be attacked.

If it makes Naya Rivera and her fans feel any better, there doesn’t seem to be an agreed upon number of days or showers recommended for each and every person.

Of course, in polite modern society, the preferred answer to the “how often do you shower/bathe” question is every day.

But according to the Daily Mail there is a trend out there that would actually make it seem Naya Rivera is bathing too much!

According to the “cleansing reduction” trend, you’d cut back to bathing once or twice a week.

The supposed benefits include keeping bugs around that can help fight disease and infection. These critters are often washed away with routine bathing.

While you may be able to get away with bathing every other day, it’s important to remember to keep your hands washed.

This is VERY important during cold/flu season, when you are most vulnerable to illness.

As for Naya Rivera, the possible upside of the inevitable discussion is that it will likely keep her in the headlines.

This will be great for the actress, whose show Glee is coming to an end.

Although the saying “there’s no such thing as bad publicity” might not hold true when it comes to personal hygiene.

Do you bathe every day or do you think regular showers are overrated? Do you think Naya Rivera took her observation too far on The View?


Naya Rivera has apparently responded to the Twitter backlash.

[Image Credit: Ana Rivas]