NeNe Leakes Shocks Bethenny Frankel With Sex Comments Directed At Claudia

NeNe Leakes shocked almost everyone watching The Real Housewives of Atlanta as she went from being a classy lady with little to say, to bringing out “NayNay” and throwing every accusation and insult she could at newcomer Claudia Jordan. During the argument in Puerto Rico, Leakes slammed Claudia for having sex with everyone in Hollywood.

The argument between these two began because Claudia came to Demetria McKinney’s defense. She was clearly offended by NeNe and Phaedra Parks’ comments about her career and her relationship. And when Jordan stepped in and called out NeNe’s immaturity, Leakes flipped out.

According to a new tweet, NeNe Leakes‘ comments even surprised and shocked Bethenny Frankel, who is known for being the queen of “too much information.” The comment that shocked Bethenny the most was about Claudia’s private parts.

“OMG i’m taking a personal day, writing, minding my biz & i hear NeNe Leakes say ‘your cl** has left ur body.’ it’s official. #movintoATL,” Bethenny tweeted, asking later, “Was that the most recent episode of ATL? Not caught up on any tv. Who was the girl who had all the stylists & gave nene a small room?”

It is no secret that Frankel has often been interested in joining the Real Housewives of Atlanta cast. She has often said that this particular franchise is indeed her favorite one of all of them. But she has never really dished her thoughts about NeNe Leakes in particular.

But Leakes has been on the show since the very beginning, which is something that Frankel can relate to. Both women are indeed part of the original Bravo crew. And NeNe has been very open about her past work as a stripper, so when Claudia brought it up, it didn’t offend her.

“You wish you had what I had in the bank, darling,” NeNe Leakes told Jordan during their fight, with Claudia replying, “I pay my own bills. I don’t get on a pole … Never been arrested.”

And even though Leakes continues to go back and film the show, she stands firm that she is much better than the other ladies. NeNe calls the other ladies “thirsty” for attention, and she believes they will talk about her to get closer to her success. According to the Inquisitr, NeNe claims she has stayed true to who she is, even though the other ladies believe that they have seen a turn for the worse.

What do you think about NeNe Leakes’ comments to Claudia? Were you as shocked as Bethenny Frankel?

[Image via Bravo]