Blenkinsopp Castle For Sale, Haunted Landmark Listed For $500,000

Blenkinsopp Castle is currently listed for sale with The Grade II. The historic landmark, which was built during the fourteenth century, is being sold for just under $500,000. In addition to four bedrooms, two family rooms, and a courtyard, the castle comes with its own ghost.

The original castle was built by Thomas de Blenkinsopp in 1339. By the early fifteenth century, the castle was occupied by Bryan de Blenkinsopp — a medieval patriot with a reputation for greed.

According to legend, Bryan married a French woman who was rumored to be quite wealthy. As reported by Chronicle Live, the woman reportedly had a “chest of gold so heavy it took 12 men to carry it.”

However, as she was not willing to share her fortune, she hid the chest from her husband. Bryan eventually fled Blenkinsopp Castle in a fit of rage.

As she was devastated by her husband’s departure, the French woman is said to haunt the castle to this day. The White Lady of Blenkinsopp has been observed on numerous occasions roaming throughout the property.

By the early 1700s, Blenkinsopp Castle fell to ruin. However, a residential home was constructed in the property in the 1830s. In the 1880s, the original castle was restored. Although it was initially used as a family home, the castle was later turned into a hotel.

The residential home, and a portion of the original castle, were destroyed in a 1954 fire. However, a section of the ruins was restored and now serves as a family home.

Estate agent Andrew Coulson, who listed the Blenkinsopp Castle for sale, said similar properties have sold for seven figures. He believes the reduced price will provide prospective buyers with a “very attractive opportunity.”

“The property has fantastic history and gets quite a few visitors so to live in a place of such importance would be quite something… It is in a prominent position and has all the charm of a castle — ballustrades, thick walls, narrow windows and fabulous stone fireplaces — but with all the modern fittings. There is also a little bit of potential if you want to do a bit more, such as uncover another hidden fireplace.”

Prospective buyers may also be interested to know that The White Lady of Blenkinsopp’s treasure chest was never found.

In addition to a rich and interesting history, the Blenkinsopp Castle includes a residental home fit for a king or queen. For many, owning a fourteenth century castle for $500,000 would be a dream come true.

[Image via Chronicle Live]

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