Watch New England Patriots Vs. Indianapolis Colts Live Online: AFC Championship Game Start Time, Streaming Video Link

Fans who want to watch the New England Patriots vs. Indianapolis Colts game will be in luck, with CBS offering full streaming video of the AFC Championship Game.

The game will feature one of the most successful quarterbacks in NFL history going up against possibly the most up-and-coming signal caller in the game. The Colts’ Andrew Luck — the only one of the four remaining quarterbacks without a Super Bowl ring — will face off against Tom Brady, who already has three rings and is looking for his fourth.

The Colts come into the game after a 24-13 upset of the Denver Broncos, beating Peyton Manning to reach the conference title game for the first time since Manning left the Colts.

“I think we’re playing good team ball,” Luck said. “It’s a great night, so proud to be part of this Colts victory.”

The Colts and Patriots have a 6:40 p.m. start time on Sunday, with coverage of the game available on television on CBS and online through the networks streaming video service.

Fans who watch the New England Patriots vs. Indianapolis Colts live online will see a Patriots team that overcame two 14-point deficits against the Baltimore Ravens by using a bit of creativity. In the game, the Patriots used a unique formation that saw just four linemen on the field and a wide receiver report as ineligible. The formation threw off the Ravens, leading to coach John Harbaugh storming the field and earning a 15-yard penalty.

Though the NFL deemed that the plays were legal, Harbaugh took issue with the play calling and said the Ravens didn’t have sufficient time to be notified of the ineligible players.

Tom Brady wasn’t having it.

“Maybe those guys gotta study the rule book and figure it out,” Brady said on Saturday following the win. “We obviously knew what we were doing and we made some pretty important plays.”

Brady later walked back his criticism of Harbaugh, but stuck to his stance that the plays were just “part of football.”

Fans who want to watch the New England Patriots vs. Indianapolis Colts game live online can click here for streaming video of the AFC Championship game.