‘Hero Dog’ Ollie, Who Took On A Burglar, Happily Reunited With Family After Disappearing For Two Weeks

A dachshund had fought off a burglar and disappeared after the courageous act. However, after two weeks of frantic search and prayers, he has been reunited with his family. The search for the “hero dog” named Ollie was aided by some fancy technology provided by local animal rescue groups.

Ollie, the brave dachshund, had fearlessly tackled a burglar inside his owners’ Bensalem home on Dec. 28. However, right after the spirited attack, Ollie had disappeared. The dog who had evaded search and rescue attempts was finally reunited with his family on Sunday, confirmed owner Evan Greathouse.

Apparently, the dog had run off and was hiding out within a few miles of his owners’ home at Franklin Common Apartments on Bobolink Drive in the Bucks County Township. The dog – which was considered a hero – was being searched for by two animal rescue groups, as well as concerned neighbors. One of the neighbors who was keeping a lookout called the owner about a possible match, said a relieved Greathouse,

“Yesterday [Saturday], we had a valid sighting. They said, ‘He’s in our backyard. He went into the woods there. We put out some food for him: liverwurst, some cheeseburger meat, basically stinky dog food.”

Interestingly, the dog had traveled about mile from his house, probably because he was scared. Veterinarians believe such escapes are common for animals that have been in a stressful environment. They say the puppy may have suffered from traumatic stress disorder after his violent encounter two weekends ago.

It must have indeed been quite a traumatic experience for the poor dog, who witnessed another act that he wasn’t supposed to see. Apparently, the burglar had not only managed to force his way inside, but was also allegedly masturbating in the nude, when Ollie confronted him.

Greathouse’s fiancé was home alone with Ollie and another dachshund, Heinz, when the suspect, identified as 21-year-old Angel Suarez Medero, allegedly appeared on the balcony. The fiancé escaped before Suarez entered the apartment. However, the two dogs attacked the burglar, who was eventually shot two times by a neighbor.

Two Dog Rescue Groups Helped Located The Hero Dog
Two Dog Rescue Groups Helped Located The Hero Dog

Ollie didn’t let go of Suarez and took a nasty fall after flying from a second-story window with the burglar. But soon after the scuffle Ollie took off, shared witnesses. Greathouse credited two rescue groups, Dachshund Rescue of Bucks County (DRBC) and Ruby the Lost Greyhound, with spending many hours searching and circulating posters since Ollie went missing.

One of the groups managed to capture the dog after they setup a motion detection camera and trained it on the food laid out for Ollie.

[Image Credit | Evan Greathouse, Clear Channel Twitter]

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