‘GTA V’ Stopped ‘Minecraft’ From Dominating Digital Sales Across All Playstation Platforms Over The Holidays

Since 4J Studios released the Playstation 3 edition of Minecraft in 2013, the popular sandbox building game has enjoyed continued commercial success on Sony consoles. Those strong sales are now mirrored on other Playstation platforms after the developer later launched new versions of Minecraft for the Playstations 4 and PS Vita in the summer of 2014.

Ending the year with yet another month of high digital sales, the official Playstation Blog has now revealed the top sales chart of all titles sold online via the Playstation Network during the month of December which shows that Minecraft was almost the top downloaded game on all three Sony systems for the holiday period.

Developer 4J Studios’ Playstation ports of Minecraft continued to perform well at the end of 2014. The block-filled title successfully took multiple top spots on December’s PSN sales charts. For the past month, Minecraft was the most purchased game on the PS Store for both the Playstation 3 and the PS Vita. Following Minecraft‘s Playstation edition, was Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare and Battlefield 3, which rounded out the top three spots on Sony’s last-gen console.

However, Minecraft just barely missed earning total dominance of PSN digital sales over the holidays since the voxel-based game was only the second most downloaded title on the Playstation 4 throughout the month of December after being beat out of the number one spot by Rockstar Games’ remastered version of Grand Theft Auto V for Sony’s newest console. Developer 4J Studios commented on almost hitting the top of digital sales across three Playstation consoles from their official Twitter account.

“So close to a clean sweep of Sony’s PSN charts in North America for December!”

Minecraft also enjoyed exceptional sales on other playtforms during the past holiday season as reported by the Inquisitr after Mojang’s Jens Bergensten recently revealed that the original PC edition of Minecraft has now exceeded 18 million copies, while Minecraft: Pocket Edition managed to reach more than 30 million lifetime sales after last month’s holiday boosts.

Minecraft first appeared on consoles with the 2012 release of the Xbox 360 edition of the game. The popular title later released on the Playstation 3 the following year. In 2014, new versions of Minecraft quickly spread to new platforms with the launch of the game’s Xbox, Playstaion 4, and PS Vita editions. Every one of Minecraft‘s home console ports was developed by 4J Studios and are kept on a similar update schedule across all platforms.

[Image via 4J Studios]