Meet Skellie: The Skeleton Who Can Imitate Every Girl On Instagram

Skellie is one of the most interesting people (?) on the internet right now, and it’s because she just loves to sit back, relax, have some sushi, enjoy a spa day, and show the world. The thing about Skellie is that she is a skeleton and what isn’t a problem is that she has an Instagram and is one of the best things you’ll see this year.

Skellie skeleton Instagram

Her Instagram — aptly titled: @omgliterallydead — details her daily life and she wants everyone to be a part of everything. Whether Skellie is swimming laps, or grabbing a latte, or attending a concert, she wants the world with her.

Bored Panda reported that the whole thing started as a joke between some co-workers around Halloween, and 30-year-old social media manager Dana Herlihy is the creator.

“In early October, a pose-able, plastic skeleton arrived at our office. My coworkers took to it; someone taped a Starbucks cup to the skeleton’s hand and I took a photo for my personal Instagram. (This was at the height of the Pumpkin Spice Latte craze.)”

From there, things just kept on going and Skellie became a bit of a cult phenomenon, and her followers on Instagram grew. She now has 114,000 followers and that number is growing every single day.

She’s even hip on pop culture herself, and that includes when Kim Kardashian attempted to break the internet

Skellie break the internet

Skellie, and her skeleton Instagram, has become a point of amusement and escape for so many people. New pictures are always being added, and it is obvious that she is like any other girl on the popular picture-sharing site.

Herlihy says that she takes the photos for everyone to see, and her inspiration comes from co-workers, friends, and even whatever is going on in pop culture. Skellie is also brought along with Dana on some of her daily activities so she can enjoy them too.

Now, there are those days that she likes to just stay at home and enjoy a Netflix binge as well.

Skellie Skeleton Instagram
I wish was as skinny as Jennifer Aniston

According to MTV, people are either for it or people are against it. Some have become huge fans of Skellie, while others believe her to be repulsive, and that goes for in-person with Herlihy or online.

“Some people love it, laugh, ask to take a photo, or make a witty pun as they pass by,” she said. “Others will pretend there is no skeleton sitting beside me or give me frequent disapproving side glances.”

Skellie and her Instagram account are some of the hottest things going right now, and it really doesn’t matter that she is a skeleton. She’s just a young girl like any other girl and sharing her life with the world.

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