The iPhone 6 Plus May Outshine iPad Mini

Apple joined the movement this year in the popularization of large phones and optimal screens with the 5.5 inch iPhone 6 Plus. While people may need two hands to hold the device in their hands, it still seems to be taking the spotlight when it comes to Apple products, which brings up the idea that it competes with it’s own sister product, the 7.9 inch iPad Mini.

Although smartphones in prior years were often highly desired due to their light weight and compact designs, phones with significantly larger screens that may require two hands for usage are now giving all tablets a run for their money. While new tablets among different companies and operating systems have all been competing with one another, a transformation in phones has created somewhat of a revolution in design known as the “phablet.” A phone that is almost the size of a tablet certainly makes many people wonder why they would own both products at all if they both have virtually the same great technical aspects, but only one can be carried around in your pocket and be used to make phone calls.

While the iPhone 6 Plus is retailed at a pricey $749, the iPad mini is significantly cheaper. However, many loyal Apple users are willing to compromise for $299 with an included two-year contract. That is not much more than the iPad Mini, which is priced at around $249 retail and makes it the least expensive tablet Apple offers. However, due to the abundance of other competing products available, Inquisitr states on the original iPad, “Unless you’re completely committed to the Apple app ecosystem, there’s really no compelling reason to choose an iPad at all.”

The reviews are enough of a reason that many are leaning away from the iPad series, let alone tablets in general. The Trefis Team on Forbes explains why.

“We estimate that the iPad Mini, a 7.9 inch tablet, accounts for over half of Apple’s total tablet shipments. While the Mini is still likely to prove popular with customers who seek an affordable, easy to use tablet with a comfortable viewing experience (130% more area than the iPhone 6 Plus), the one-device-fits-all proposition of the iPhone 6 Plus is likely to hurt sales.” This goes to show how much sales may be impacted for iPad mini, especially if future generations iPhones continue to advance in better price points for better, bigger screens.

“In addition to the healthy margins, the iPhone 6 Plus is likely to have a positive impact on Apple’s overall product strategy,” The Trefis Team said. “The 6 Plus could drive some customers to purchase Apple’s larger screen iPads such as the iPad Air and iPad Air 2 instead of the Mini, which could positively impact iPad ASPs and margins.”

These questions lead to the controversy of the future production of new iPad and iPad Mini versions, as well as if phablets could put tablets out of the game completely.

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