Charlie Hebdo Murders: Homeland Security To Ramp Up Airport Screenings And Security In Response

The effects of the murders by Islamic jihadists on the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, in response to various satirical comic strips done about their prophet, Mohammed, are still being felt as the world starts a new week. In America, the Department of Homeland Security just made an announcement of their plans to alter U.S. security in response. Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson laid out the steps the department will be taking going forward. WHDH 7 News released a transcript of the full statement.

  • Enhanced presence of the Federal Protective Service at U.S. government buildings in an expanded list of major cities around the country. The precise locations at which we are enhancing security is law-enforcement sensitive, will vary and shift from location to location, and will be continually re-evaluated.
  • Last week the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) took steps to enhance the number of random searches of passengers and carry-on luggage boarding aircraft at U.S. airports. Previously, in July, I directed enhanced screening at certain foreign airports that are last points of departure to the United States. I have directed TSA to conduct an immediate, short-term review to determine whether more is necessary, at both domestic and overseas last-point of departure airports.
  • The Department of Homeland Security, along with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the National Counter-terrorism Center, have continued to issue joint intelligence bulletins to our colleagues in state and local law enforcement, apprising them of recent events and threats. We are also providing state and local law enforcement with FBI training concerning incident response.
  • The Department will continue its efforts to partner with the governments of France and other key Counter-terrorism allies to share information about terrorist threats and individuals of suspicion. We will recommit to these engagements. As reflected in U.N. Security Council Resolution 2178 passed last September, foreign fighters will continue to be a particular focus of our discussions.
  • The Department will continue its efforts to engage community organizations around the country on the topic of countering violent extremism. For this purpose, I have personally met with community leaders in Columbus, Ohio, Chicago, Minneapolis, Boston, and Los Angeles, and will continue these engagements. We look forward to the White House-hosted summit on countering violent extremism on February 18.

This comes two days after the U.S. State Department issued a world-wide travel warning in light of not only Charlie Hebdo murders, but also attacks in Canada and Australia, as reported by the Inquisitr. The Homeland Security secretary said that there was no “specific, credible intelligence” for the change in protocols. The move was merely cautionary, Politico reports.

Secretary Johnson applauded House Appropriations Committee for the Homeland Security appropriations bill that was introduced Friday. He suggested the Homeland Security funding bill be passed “unburden by any restrictions.” According to the ExecutiveGov, the funding bill is currently at $39.7 billion.

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