Nike’s ‘Back To The Future’ Self-Tying Shoes Confirmed For 2015

Great Scott! The future has finally come. The movie Back to the Future Part II made several predictions of the future like flying cars, hoverboards, dehydrated pizzas, and video calling. Some have become reality while others, like the flying car, is one idea that many, like my mother, await with hope for its coming. This year Nike has confirmed its release of Marty McFly’s self-tying shoes.

In related reports by the Inquisitr, a Kickstarter campaign has realized a hoverboard that utilizes magnets to float three centimeters off the ground, for the price tag of $10,000. Even pro skater Tony Hawk rode Hendo’s hoverboard.

Twenty nine years after the movie Back to the Future Part II featured Marty McFly wearing a pair of Nike self-tying, or power-lacing, shoes in the futuristic movie set in 2015, the “prediction” has come true. Nike has confirmed to be producing the Marty McFly shoes in the year 2015.

Previously, Nike had an ultra-limited release in 2011 of a screen-accurate version of the self-lacing shoe, called the Nike MAG, for collectors, but the limited release shoes were only similar in appearance and did not have the self-tying feature, reported Slashfilms. Nike did tell fans that they would try to create the technology by the year Marty traveled to in the movie.

Nike shoe designer Tinker Hatfield confirmed news of the release at the Agenda Emerge trade show in Long Beach, California, last Tuesday. The gist of Hatfield’s message was that the shoe was in development, but to not expect the final product to be in stores in the immediate future.

Last year, Nike designer Hatfield did believe an operating version of the shoe would be realized in 2015.

“Are we gonna see power laces in 2015? To that, I say yes!” Hatfield said.

Top-level Nike designers and engineers Tiffany Beers, Michael Friton, and Tinker Hatfield are listed as the designers and inventors, pointed out NiceKicks, on the patents filed for the Nike Air MAG shoes.

Nike MAG 2015 US Patent with button to activate Power Laces
Nike MAG 2015 US Patent with button to activate Power Laces

While 2015 is the year the second movie of the Back to the Future trilogy was set it, it is also the 30th anniversary of the original 1985 movie. A number of tributes are already in the works, including screenings of the film around the world, accompanied by a live performance of Alan Silvestri’s Academy Award-nominated score. The first performance will take place in May in Lucerne, Switzerland, and will also include 15 minutes of new music that Silvestri wrote specifically for the engagements.

Below is the commercial for the 2011 Nike Air Mag shoes.

Will you be getting Nike’s self-lacing Air MAG shoes? How much do you think the price tag will be for these techno shoes?

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