‘Destiny’ Hotfix Removes Crota’s Cheese, Adds New Iron Banner Rewards

If you were hoping to slip in one more Crota’s End raid in Destiny before the promised exploit (aka “cheese” fix) was released, you’re out of luck. Bungie released a hotfix update to the PlayStation and Xbox consoles to remove the exploits and to prep for the next Iron Banner event. It’s not Queen’s Wrath, but here’s what the new rewards will be.

Iron Banner will kickoff Tuesday morning at 4 a.m. ET on Tuesday, January 13. “The Anomaly,” “Asylum,” and “The Burning Shrine” have been added to the playlist rotation to freshen things up a bit this time around.

Bungie also freshened up the rewards for Destiny’s PvP event. A level 32 Sniper Rifle and Auto Rifle will be available as a loot drop reward at the end of each Iron Banner match. Additionally, a level 32 Hand Cannon, Rocket Launcher, and Gauntlets will be available to purchase once you’ve reached the appropriate rank with the Iron Lord. Level 31 boots are also listed, but I am checking with Bungie on whether this is a typo. Update: It was a typo, but not on the level. Iron Banner will be selling Level 31 chest armor, not boots.

I previously covered the Crota’s End raid changes for Destiny in this Inquisitr article. All of the previously discovered exploits, from using the exploding lamps to launch players to a safe spot in the Abyss to disconnecting from the game to glitch Crota on one knee, have all been fixed.

Destiny (PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360)

There is a change in the reward structure for Crota’s End though. The first loot chest in the Abyss now only contains Radiant Shards or Radiant Energy. The chance to pick up Exotic weapons, Exotic armor, and class pieces that were in the chest are now rewards for defeating Ir Yut, the Deathsinger. This mini-boss previously did not have any rewards, which caused players to skip her part of the raid all together.

The issues with the Black Hammer sniper rifle have not been fixed with this update, however. Instead, the Hive Breaker upgrade perk has been disabled until Bungie can get it to stop breaking the White Nail upgrade.

Fortunately, the issue where Ascendant Materials were not being rewarded for getting a gold-tier rating in Public Events has been fixed. Additionally, Weekly Nightfall Strikes can now reward Destiny players with nine or more Strange Coins.

The complete list of changes in this Destiny hotfix update is below. Do you think Bungie addressed the right issues? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Activity Rewards

  • Fixed an issue with Ascendant Materials no longer being a possible reward for Daily gold-tier public events
  • In addition to other potential rewards, Weekly Nightfall Strikes can now award 9 or more Strange Coins



  • Added to the rotation for Control, Clash, and Iron Banner* playlists:
    • The Anomaly
    • Asylum
    • The Burning Shrine

Iron Banner*

  • Starts 1AM PST, Tuesday, January 13th
  • Playlist weapon drops
    • Level 32 Sniper Rifle
    • Level 32 Auto Rifle
  • Gain event standing to earn Legendary gear
    • Level 32 Hand Cannon
    • Level 32 Rocket Launcher
    • Level 32 Gauntlets
    • Level 31 Chest


  • On the Sniper Rifle, Black Hammer, the Hive Breaker upgrade has been disabled until it is fixed to play nicely with the White Nail upgrade


Vault of Glass

  • Exotic weapon drops (though still very infrequent) are now Level 32

Crota’s End

  • Rewards
    • Treasure chests now contain Radiant Materials
    • The existing Pit treasure chest reward has moved to killing Ir Yut, the Deathsinger
  • Pit Encounter
    • Pillars of Light no longer launch players into the air when they explode
  • Bridge Encounter
    • Players will now be required to cross the bridge in order to complete the bridge encounter
    • Players will now be required to wait for the bridge to be completed prior to crossing with the sword
  • Deathsinger Encounter
    • Fixed a rare case where the Shriekers would not spawn, preventing players from reaching the Deathsinger
    • The Deathsinger now has a chance to drop Exotic weapons and armor, class pieces, and Radiant materials
  • Crota Encounter
    • Two Swordbearers will no longer spawn at the same time at the outset of the encounter
    • Crota will now recover from his kneeling state after a player quits
    • Fixed a bug that allowed players to remove the “Presence of Crota” using a Radiance Warlock’s Fireborn ability
    • Fixed a bug that made the Oversoul appear destroyed to some players in a Fireteam when it was actually still active

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