‘Destiny’ Iron Banner Returns With New Rewards Next Week, Queen’s Wrath Status Unknown

The fourth Iron Banner event in Destiny is just around the corner. Bungie made the announcement Tuesday alongside a promise to remove various exploits (aka “cheese”) in the Crota’s End Raid. Some PlayStation and Xbox players are asking. “what happened to the Queen’s Wrath PvE event?”

Destiny will add the fourth round of Iron Banner on Tuesday, January 13. The event will run through early morning Tuesday, January 19. Players who join Iron Banner matches during that time should expect the return of level-based multiplayer. That means the power rating of weapons and armor rating of armor pieces will all matter, along with level differences between players.

The last Iron Banner in December introduced level 31 armor and weapons for the first time following the release of The Dark Below expansion. Bungie is promising “updated rewards” this time, but there is no word on if there will be update bounties as well.

Destiny players from the game’s sub-Reddit have already started a heated debate about the repetitive nature of the Iron Banner bounties. The last two events featured the same six bounties every day. Since some these bounties are for specific things like getting a specific number of Auto Rifle headshots, Machine Gun headshots, and Sniper Rifle headshots, some players feel that it encourages a certain style of gameplay.

Destiny - Queen's Wrath (PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360)

Since this is the fourth Iron Banner event for Destiny, some are beginning to wonder what is going on with the Queen’s Wrath event. It originally appeared not long after the game’s launch last September, but has not been seen again since it ended.

Player feedback on Queen’s Wrath was mixed at best. Bungie patched it mid-way because some players had begun collecting multiple pieces of the same armor and dismantling them for the ascendant shards. The patch removed the ability to receive the shards from when dismantling equipment received from the Queen’s Wrath; something that carried over to the Iron Banner.

In an October 24 update, Bungie said that it learned a lot from Iron Banner and Queen’s Qrath, but “Queen’s Wrath will be going back into the oven for a while.” The baking has lasted for quite a while, leaving some to wonder when the PvE will return.

Do you think the Iron Banner is back too quickly for Destiny? Sound off in the comments below.

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