'Bearded Lady' Conchita Wurst Stuns At The 2015 Golden Globes

Conchita Wurst has been making a splash for some time in Austria, but Wurst took her stunning beard global when she stepped out on the red carpet for the 2015 Golden Globes.

Wearing a forest green gown, she stunned with some of the ceremony's most glamorous best dressed ladies like Viola Davis and Jessica Chastain. The difference is Wurst rocked some serious facial hair.

So who is Conchita Wurst? As it turns out Wurst is a successful Austrian singer who has been an advocate for LGBT rights. Wurst, who also goes by the name Tom Neuwirth, is openly gay and refers to himself as a male, but refers to his drag persona Conchita in female pronouns. What remains constant is his beard.

Throughout Monday morning, Conchita has been tweeting and retweeting messages of support of her stunning red carpet look.

Although last night did highlight the glamorous side of the ceremony, Conchita used this spotlight as a chance to making a bigger statement.

Conchita tweeted, "Always try to see behind the curtain," using the hashtag #JeSuisCharlie #theunstoppables for freedom of speech.

In addition, she posted a photo that was captioned, "The Golden Globes are an event that brings the glamour of Hollywood into living rooms across the planet, but let's not forget that events like this are also a strong showcase of the diversity and seriousness in entertainment as an art form. Recent events in Europe have shown that freedom of speech is under attack. Let's unite and keep on with our unstoppable fight for peace and freedom -- and freedom of expression!"

Others took to Twitter to highlight their support of the singer, as she took the red carpet to represent diversity at the awards.

[Image via Oikotimes]