‘Sadistic’ Online Killer, Lewis Daynes, Previously Arrested For Rape At Age 15

Lewis Daynes. the 19-year-old man accused of killing Breck Bednar, has been sentenced for murder and sexual assault.

During the trial, it was revealed that Bednar was not Daynes’ first victim of sexual assault, and that he was previously accused of rape. Labeled as a “sadistic” online killer, Daynes was able to befriend Bednar via online gaming, and promised him great wealth if he joined a fictional internet business. The two boys met with one another and the murder occurred. Daynes called the police, reporting that Bednar attempted to kill himself, and that the stabbing was an accident while attempting to restrain the suicidal boy. Further investigations found that Bednar was sexually assaulted prior to death.

Metro revealed that Lewis Daynes was sentenced today for a minimum of 25 years as a result of the sexual assault and murder. Included in the sentencing were four counts of sexual offenses that were related to a previous sexual assault found to have been carried out when he was only 15, and one count of possessing indecent images. Originally, Daynes denied the murder accusations, instead stating that he was attempting to subdue Bednar as he tried to commit suicide. As a result, he accidentally stabbed him in the neck. He later confessed to the murder.

Prosecutor Richard Whittman QC shared details of what happened after the murder.

“Following the infliction of the fatal injury to Breck Bednar, Lewis Daynes disseminated images of his body to at least two people as well as making contact with a member of his online community to tell them that he was dead. He showered, then changed his clothes before calling the police.”

He also stated that Daynes was the instigator and the dominating half of the two.

“Daynes was the dominant party and exercised his power by barring would-be participants from his server when they displeased him.”

BBC News reported that Breck Bednar traveled to Lewis Daynes’ flat to discuss the fictional internet business and play video games. It was then that Daynes’ made Bednar feel at home by ordering a pizza and playing games to relax him. Then, he began to sexually assault him before stabbing him in the neck. Authorities shared that the premeditated sexual assault and murder were reinforced by a purchase of duct tape, condoms, and syringes from an online retailer.

The previous sexual assault accusations were reported, but never acted upon, which allowed them to be included in the most recent conviction.

It is important to note that the online video game was used only as a means to contact his victims, and is not the reason for acting out the sexual assault and murders.

[Photo Courtesy: Mirror U.K.]

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