Cloud Storage Pro Tip: Find Your Own Security

Cloud storage is not really safe way of keeping your company’s internal documents and memos, according to the recent Sony hacking. You are probably worried by the current situation (and now you know that if didn’t wanted anyone to know about embarrassing emails, you probably shouldn’t write them either).

One thing for sure about cloud storage security: It is hard and requires the usage of different technologies from many providers, constant supervision, and finally, end-user practice needs to be good for safekeeping the company’s important data.

Considering the hacks of Home Depot, Target, and now Sony, companies are now trying to think how to improve their security practices, said new research note written by Frederick Grieb from Nomura Securities. According to the note, budget for security will be higher next year and Chief Security Officers (CSOs) and top-notch Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), who are familiar with their company’s requirements and relevant technologies, are needed and will be hired.

The lesson from these cloud Storage hacks: add your own security. The director of security, who insisted that neither his company nor his name be revealed, said that keeping company’s important data requires another layer of security atop everything that is already included in cloud storage. If you dig deep enough, there are not many stories about good security, he said.

One issue for security companies is not to keep documents safe while they are “at rest,” but also when they transit (“moving”). The basic problem with internet is that traffic will go through many third parties, which you cannot trust.

“You don’t know and you can’t trust that your file is private — it’s like sending a postcard in the mail — anyone can read it,” he said.

To overcome this problem, his company has started using nCrypted Cloud, which will encrypt the files before they are sent, leaving the encryption keys to the owner. Cloud storage providers like Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, or Box don’t have those keys, and cannot access to the files in any way, and logically, there is no way they can reveal them to the third parties. You can find the best cloud storage with the help of Top 5 Reviews, as the site offers honest reviews about anything and everything.

The anonymous director is also trying out Infinite Mail, a new product from nCrypted Cloud which replaces the attachments in our email messages with secure links, which the recipient can open as set up by IT administrators.

If the current security problems can be solved, the security could have huge perks in the future. Just now, the cost of printing and mailing documentation and reports is huge — it costs company up to $100 million each year. If they could find a way to guarantee secure delivery to and from the cloud storage, the savings could be humongous.

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